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  • pick-up line

    What was your favorite pick-up line that men used to hook up with you?

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    I do not have any favorites, actually. Usually, when I am at the bars, most men would approach me and they just say, "Hey, hi!" And from there, conversations would be started.


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      There was this man who said to me: "You look so beautiful tonight."
      And I was like: "Oh, really?"
      That was the most flattering pick up line that I encountered. No, I do not need to mention that I went out with him after some conversations. After all, I was so beautiful at that night, right?


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        No pick up lines work for me. No matter how good their chosen pick up line is, if I do not like them, then they would not be able to bang me. But if I like a certain man, no pick up line shall be required anymore. I would even be the one to ask him first.


        • HeatherS
          HeatherS commented
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          So what was the most interesting one that you've heard?

        • miracleshappen
          miracleshappen commented
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          HeatherS The most interesting thing that I had heard was "You look beautiful tonight." Upon hearing what he said, I already knew that he was up for something.

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        I actually prefer funny pick up line rather than those smooth, suave sounding ones.


        • ejayniel
          ejayniel commented
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          So what was the funniest pick up line that was given to you by a man?

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        I don't really remember the ones that guys used on me because most of the them we're at a loud club so I can't really hear them


        • PintCream
          PintCream commented
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          So you would often just smile and nod at them after they tell you their pick up line?

        • BossyGal
          BossyGal commented
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          PintCream lol. There is no other way but to smile. I really could not not hear them well. The music at the bars is always loud.

        • LessLee
          LessLee commented
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          BossyGal and do you think that they're lines were really funny?