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Dating a financially-challenged man

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  • Dating a financially-challenged man

    Would you date a handsome but financially-challenged man? Yeah, he would be your type but there is a catch - he has no money.

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    How financially-challenged is he? If he is so broke, then there is no way for me to date him. I am not willing to pay every bill on our dates.


    • Noelle
      Noelle commented
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      What if he's really into you? I mean, you can convince him to get a job that would most benefit him. So he won't be financially-challenged

    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      I am not willing either. If a man could not pay the bills for our dates, then he is not worthy to be dated. I'll just dump the guy no matter how handsome he is.

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    I could date him as I like handsome men as the poster stated that he is man that I like.


    • Rizza
      Rizza commented
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      Being handsome does not necessarily mean he has money. lol

    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      Rizza Yes, she said that he is handsome but has no money. Still, she would date him because he likes handsome men and she does not mind if the man has no money.

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    If he is not that poor, then I could still date him.


    • breastse3
      breastse3 commented
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      How do you define poor, then?

    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      What if the guy is sleeping on the couch of his friend and he doesn't have a job. Would that be poor enough for you already? PintCream

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    No way, man. Why would I date a man? Okay, if she was a beautiful woman, then I would. Oh, wait, it is only for a date and nothing comes after that?


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      Can't believe that you guys are willing to date someone who's a bum lol


      • DickedTracy
        DickedTracy commented
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        He is not a total bum with no money. He's just financially challenged coz like any of us here, we have bills to pay. He has the right to leisure or date anyone even if he's financially-challenged

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      That's a deal breaker for me since I dated someone who's a bit broke and I ended up paying for all her personal needs


      • voodoofoo
        voodoofoo commented
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        lol. At least, she was a woman and we could still accept that but how about for the men? Would there be a woman out there who would shoulder all of her man's personal needs?

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      I'm willing to date him as long as he's just in between jobs or recently quit his job. But if he's dead broke, that's a no for me


      • LessLee
        LessLee commented
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        Of course, what can you expect to a guy who's dead broke and just probably be sleeping on his parents' basement?

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      I'm friends with benefits to this guy who is financially-challenged and this came into my sense. He is smart, funny and handsome but most of the time we'd split the bills. But most of the time he is too ashamed when I'd always pay for our food. So...I guess I have to limit our 'dates' since I can sense that we're not making progress at all in the "relationship" I thought that we'd ever have.


      • JuneBug
        JuneBug commented
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        Oh, how sad. But if you like the man then I think you could help him financially. How about that?

      • leahsneak
        leahsneak commented
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        Well, if you like him then you could continue to have dates with him. Just make sure that he agrees to always split the bill with you. lol.

      • sinksex
        sinksex commented
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        Was that the start where your relationship went downhill?

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      That's a dating deal breaker for me. If I find out that the girl is only seeing me for the free meal, I would immediately end things with her


      • ClaireBare
        ClaireBare commented
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        Wow, she just wanted a free meal. At least she's not upfront begging for cash.

      • reddish97
        reddish97 commented
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        ClaireBare Not upfront but she had thought of a creative way other than begging!

      • ejayniel
        ejayniel commented
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        ClaireBare well he's being direct to the point and thinks that it's a waste of his time if he keeps on going out with her and she's not willing to sleep with him

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      That's a deal breaker for me even if he's Brad Pitt. Because it would make me question the his motives or intention of dating me. It would always linger in my mind that he might be dating me because I'm financially supporting him in some sort of way


      • Charanne
        Charanne commented
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        But if you get to convince him to earn even just for himself then it wouldn't be a problem.

      • hbhvr56
        hbhvr56 commented
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        imacoolgal I bet he can change his ways. He's a guy he should have pride on his own to earn money for himself.

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      The only guys who would go out and try date women even if they don't have a job is a freeloader and I have no plans of dating a freeloader


      • sala67
        sala67 commented
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        You can't easily tell if the person is a freeloader or not. Because there's a chance that he doesn't look like he's dirt poor lol

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      If he's between jobs when I met him and is trying to find one, I wouldn't mind dating him. But if he has no plans of getting a job whatsoever, then it would be a pass for me