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  • Fat and ugly

    Okay, I would go straight to the point. Would you date someone who is fat and ugly? Yes or no? Why?

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    I'd consider dating someone fat and ugly, does it matter? I get to know him and if he's a sweetheart then everything about him is just wonderful.


    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      Are you sure with your answer? You are beautiful and sexy and then what? You would have a fat and ugly sweetheart? Well, good luck with that the society would say.

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    Why would I waste my time dating someone really unattractive?


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      So you only date guys who are pleasing to your eyes?

    • reddish97
      reddish97 commented
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      Maybe it is because you lost a bet or something?

    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      Deniro sweetie, the Mulla! Just kidding, man, if he's good, if he's intelligent, if he's funny, why not??

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    I've already dated fat chicks with ugly ass attitudes lol


    • bewgrien
      bewgrien commented
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      It seems like you're the one who has an ugly ass attitude they way you've just described them lol

    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      And why did you ended up dating them? Did you lose on some kind of a bet that's why you were forced to go out with them?

    • breastse3
      breastse3 commented
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      But have you actually dated someone who's both fat and ugly?

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    Hell no. I wouldn't be dating someone like that, it's embarrassing to seen out on the streets with someone so unattractive.


    • voodoofoo
      voodoofoo commented
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      Lol, have you checked yourself in the mirror lately?

    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      But if you're going to choose one, what would it be? ermanw4

    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      voodoofoo But he does not look ugly. He looks just fine with me.

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    I've dated someone fat and someone quite unattractive but a mix of both? Nah.


    • SpeedyGee
      SpeedyGee commented
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      Most of my dates are hella bombshells and my friends get to question how I do it.

    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      SpeedyGee I bet most of them regretted dating you with that kind of attitude lol

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    Fat and ugly? I would also answer it in a straight way: No.
    Oh, come on. You would not date someone who is ugly so why include the fat on his portfolio?


    • DraggedOn
      DraggedOn commented
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      Would it still be a no for you even if the guy is really smart and fun to be with but he's ugly?

    • WillowPillow
      WillowPillow commented
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      What if it's one or the other? Which one are you going to choose?

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    Not sure about the ugly part since calling somebody ugly is a relative term and differs from person to person. But when it comes to fat, I don't mind going out with a guy who's fat as long as we have something in common


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      If you're talking about somebody that I don't think is pleasing to my eyes, it would be a no for me. Because I'm the type who looks at the face of my date. Not sure I can spend an entire date looking at somebody who's not pleasing to my eyes


      • miracleshappen
        miracleshappen commented
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        What if he's not pleasing to the eyes but is a great conversationalist? Are you willing to go out on a date with him or not?

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      You should have at least answered your own question first so that everyone would know where you stand on this problem


      • AvaHHH
        AvaHHH commented
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        I bet that she has no plans of dating someone who's both fat and ugly

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      I'm willing to date someone who's fat or ugly but not fat and ugly