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  • Ideal guy partner

    I am actually wondering what most girls look for in guys. Are there any specific qualities that they wound want to find in guys? Or being in love is enough? What do you guys think?

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    What I really look for in a guy is his intelligence and sense of humor. Nowadays, I don't really care if he's attractive or not. All I want is someone who I can have fun talking to.


    • clenna2
      clenna2 commented
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      Very well said! I don't need someone who is good-looking but is not capable of giving me an enjoyable conversation. So I prefer someone who can make me laugh with his jokes and someone who knows how to stimulate a dull topic into an entertaining discussion.

    • boredme
      boredme commented
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      Someone who's fun to have intelligible conversations with, a sense of humor be it dead-pan or dark humor. Oh, I would love to date a guy like that. Most guys got looks but are actually boring because they got nothing to talk about.

    • emmander45
      emmander45 commented
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      They say that a way to woo a woman is to have a sense of humor. Looks will fade but being with someone who makes you laugh is really something, and I love a man with a great sense of humor as well.

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    The wealth. Yes, I need someone who could afford to provide me some real comfort in life. Well, accept it, it is one of the things that we need in life.


    • bewgrien
      bewgrien commented
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      This surely sounds like you're a gold digger. Can't you be the one to build you own wealth so you can provide yourself a comfortable life?

    • westine
      westine commented
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      bewgrien Your point is the idealistic one. Yes, women can have wealth of our own but we could not deny the fact that in this world it is the men who would have more advantage is accumulating wealth.

    • bugcow
      bugcow commented
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      Noelle you sound like you could use a job there lol! I think you're looking for a sugar daddy there, maybe an old rich guy would do. Whatchu think?

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    Whether most women admit it or not, they tend to look for someone handsome. Someone who they can brag to their friends. Someone who's practically a head turner. I won't deny it, that's what I look for as well. I care about physical appearance but I also care about his personality. Basically, I like someone who's attractive and has a pleasing personality.


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      Physical characteristics is what matters the most to women, huh? I just hope that there are still others out there who would want to be with someone who can actually make them happy and loved. I am one of those girls. I seek guys who has the potential of making me happy for the rest of my life. Someone who knows how to properly take care of their partners.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      Superficial men and women think this way, practically speaking that most people look for someone they're most compatible with. Whether you're tall, fat, skinny, attractive, or average, but if your bold personality attracts someone the same as you then that would be a perfect pair. What I'm saying is that most people I know do not care about looks but for their personality, which I see that is true.

    • ClaireBare
      ClaireBare commented
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      Yup. I could not agree more. Definitely, handsome men are one of the requirements of most women. I could not deny that I am one of those women.

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    I am looking for a complete package: good look, good heart and good wallet. That is the ideal man for me. I think that most women would like to have those men who have these qualities.


    • boogoow13
      boogoow13 commented
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      wenddall7 and TechKilla Actually, you could have it all. Just look around and you could see someone who has a complete package. It would be a bit difficult but there are people who have a complete package.

    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      I am also looking for a man with a complete package. Well, it should include the big cock as you failed to mention that one. That is important to me. lol.

    • dwf2017
      dwf2017 commented
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      You can either have someone with good looks but is broke, rich but ugly or someone with a good heart but broke too.

      Those are the moments when deciding is very hard to do.

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    Originally posted by WillowPillow View Post
    I am actually wondering what most girls look for in guys. Are there any specific qualities that they would want to find in guys? Or being in love is enough? What do you guys think?
    These days, I'm looking for men with huge packs and has a sweet-soft side. I've always been mistreated by guys with small dicks that acts like an actual dick. Funny, right?


    • BossyGal
      BossyGal commented
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      Hahaha. Why did you even choose those guys with small dicks? I would not want a guy which had a small dick. I want men with big cocks which I could really feel when they bang me up.

    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      Are you saying that your past boyfriends all had small dicks? lol. How pathetic. Anyway, yeah, men with huge cocks are the best. You would feel it; sometimes, even the pain becomes so intense that you would scream. lol.

    • westongreen
      westongreen commented
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      serrenakern Hahaha. I do not know if they are insecure with their small dicks but for now I have learned my lessons. I would have to go with men who have large cocks only.

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    WillowPillow I think most girls would probably look for hot bods in a guy, some one who's rich and has a car. Well, I can't say that I'm a perfect guy, since I'm average-looking. I do have a car, but I've been rejected by so many girls in my life. Just sharing my thoughts.


    • yani13
      yani13 commented
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      Some girls adore dad bods these days. Guys with cars and money are just a bonus, girls can finance themselves. It's hard to find a genuine, trustworthy, loving, caring, and understanding kind of guy to become a potential partner these days.

    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      itten If only there are guys that have hot bods, have a car or rich then damn I'd be lucky to have him! Such full-package but guess what? They don't exist, scarce but mostly taken or married already. I wonder how or when I can have a guy like that?

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    Tall, white and handsome. Well, that is what most of us like to have, right? I am just particular with the height. At least 6 feet tall would do. Color is fair, of course as I do not like dark men. Handsomeness should not be left behind as I need this one very much.


    • reddish97
      reddish97 commented
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      Aww, you didn't mention the ideal dick size for your partner, so it means that you're good with him even if he has an average-sized dick? Lol!

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    Originally posted by WillowPillow View Post
    I am actually wondering what most girls look for in guys. Are there any specific qualities that they would want to find in guys? Or being in love is enough? What do you guys think?
    Being in-love is fine but I'd want a petite girl to fall in love with me. I'm not sure if she'll ever like me tho, because I can sometimes be mad at the world but I'll try my best not to get easily mad at her.


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      You might cringe on this but I do believe in love at first sight. That's why I am not setting any standards and qualities of the man that I am looking for.


      • kasnier4
        kasnier4 commented
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        Love at first sight? Aren't you too old for that? But who am I to judge, right? Anyway, my ideal partner would be someone who is mature and responsible. Someone who knows his goals in life. Someone who I can depend on whenever I am feeling down.

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      What I look for in a guy is the talent. I want to be with someone who can dance for me if he's good at dancing. Someone who can sing me my favorite songs, if he's a singer. And most especially someone who can cook for me. Those three are my top choices. But as long as you have a talent, I think that will be enough for me.


      • pauline
        pauline commented
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        So you are looking for a dancer, singer or chef. Would it be super nice if a man has all those talents? Enter the singing and dancing chef! I think that there are people who happen to have those qualities. Good luck with your search.

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      I will be honest here and say that I like sexy guys. My ideal partner would be someone who has hard abs which I can touch whenever we're lying in the bed. That's what I only want.


      • ejayniel
        ejayniel commented
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        Hahaha. Only hard abs? A sexy man with hard abs. That would be so nice to have but have you forgotten the face?

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      Why are you girls so picky when it comes to men? Can't you just appreciate and accept those that come in your way whether they fit your set standards or not?