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  • Nerdy satisfaction

    do some of you guys get turned on with a nerdy type of person? like a full-on nerd like anime, math wiz and a bit twinky in the body dept. I mean isn't it sexy when you feel the dominance over them and have sex with them.

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    Well, I do at some point, having power over someone feels so good and invigorating it really turns me on its a different kink when they start moaning and most of them are virgins knowing that makes me want to hunt them and take that away from them and own them for myself.


    • remmalyn
      remmalyn commented
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      You're right about the part that nerds ARE virgins, so there's a chance that these nerds would bee more submissive to you. Okay then, I am now into nerds and I would like to have awesome sex with them.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      That is like a witch hunting game. You would have to search for your victims, and when found, you would do horrible things to them.

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    I like nerds because they are very easy to manipulate, you are the boss of the relationship it's not like they are slaves but you can feel the genuine feeling of being wanted and they put effort on everything
    they and work hard to make you happy.


    • voodoofoo
      voodoofoo commented
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      You sound like one of those hot girls in those teen movies who would go out with the nerd or geek just to make fun of them in the long run

    • bugcow
      bugcow commented
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      Don't you think that it is already a form of exploitation? When you start to manipulate someone, and that someone gives in to what you want, then that makes you a bad person.

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    I don't like nerdy types I mean they are okay at some point but I don't feel the sexual energy in them, I like big jocks and varsity players they look like they can handle sex very well and know more tricks
    maybe I would give a nerd a chance if he was a bit on the buff side.


    • BossyGal
      BossyGal commented
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      Same, like, I don't feel anything sexual to nerdy people. Maybe the media has conditioned our minds into thinking that those nerds will never have the chance to get laid but little do we know that these guys have huge dongs down there. If it really is.

    • wendy
      wendy commented
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      I also do not like those nerdy men. They are simply not my type. As for the varsity players? Yes! Those were the types of men who I wanted when I was still in school. Well, that was a long time ago.

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    I'm not really turned on by nerds but I'm more of a sucker when ti comes to geeky guys. There's a difference between the two, geeks are more cool and hot looking than those Math Wiz nerds. Geeks are the hot versions of nerds, or maybe if that's what you're implying leahsneak?


    • boogoow13
      boogoow13 commented
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      Have you actually dated a geek or you're looking forward into dating one?

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    If we have something in common, then I wouldn't mind dating a geek. I think at this day and age most people is a geek about something


    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      So what are some of the things that you geek out in?

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    I had my fair share of geeks and nerds before. And they are actually good partners. I feel the relationship will not work if the other person is more focus on the things that he's into and not in your relationship


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      I like them because aside from having a smart boyfriend, they're in for reals like no dating with other girls because he won't see it as a game and he won't be someone he's not.


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        No! I do not like any nerdy men. That is a big no-no for me. What I want are the sexy men. Never mind if they are a bit dumb as long as they have great bodies. Lol.


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          What satisfaction would I get from those nerds? I do not think that those nerds actually look handsome, right? They may be intelligent and gifted, but it ends there.


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            If he is a nerd but looks awesome, then I would accept him. But first, it would still depend on the type of being a nerd. Is he a gifted nerd like a great player of an instrument for example? But, please, there should be no ugly glasses. LOL.


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              Dominance over those nerdy men? If I got it well, did you mean that we could control them that easily? That sounds weird to me.