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  • She'll Do Everyone But You

    Okay, quick hypothetical question: If you were in a committed relationship with, let's say, a pornstar, and she loved having sex with 5-10 guys in the last month before she started dating you, but you haven't had a chance to have sex with her yet, would this bother you? You've been together for two months and just haven't had sex yet.

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    Let's say I'm the pornstar, Maybe I want to make my life meaningful and want to be seen and treated as a special girl than a regular pornstar. I want to reserve the best and meaningful sex when the time is right.


    • dwf2017
      dwf2017 commented
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      Yeah like she's saving the best for last and I think she is waiting for the perfect moment to have sex with you.

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    The only time that would bother a person is when they can't separate sex with love. They should remember that their partner is having sex because it is part of their job and not because they're in love with the person that they're doing it with.


    • yani13
      yani13 commented
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      Maybe he also lusts over her so he thinks it's unfair not to have sex with her.

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    Are you dating a pornstar at the moment and the two of you haven't done it yet that is why you're asking us this question?


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      Well, he said that this is just a hypothetical question so it means that he's not dating one at the moment (I hope so).

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    She thinks you are a "nice guy" but in reality, she is just not that into you. otherwise, she would be banging you.


    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      You are so negative on "she is not into you". Are you saying that she only loves him by force?

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    Personally, I'd find it laughable to even consider dating someone in that way, you are meant to stay with her but not getting any action and she's a pornstar whose bonking guys everyday. No guy with any self-respect would tolerate that situation.


    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      I'm guessing that you think that pornstars are not supposed to enter a relationship because of their job? There are tons of pornstars who are in relationships and even married.

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    Just because she's a pornstar it doesn't automatically mean that she would sleep with you immediately. Maybe she's withholding sex in order to find out if you're serious with her or not. But based on your answer, it sounds like all you want is to be able to sleep with her already.


    • ejayniel
      ejayniel commented
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      Are you thinking that the girl wants to be sure if he is serious with her that is why they are not doing it yet?

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    I'm just going to ask her why she hasn't decided for us to have sex. Not going to be envious of the guys who slept with her since that's the main reason for her job.


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      How long are you willing to wait for sex? Also are you sure that you're not going to get mad for her for not having sex with you for two months?

    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      Charanne I don't worry even if it takes more months since I want to see her as a different person without treating her like a pornstar.

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    You're pornstar girlfriend must be saving it and maybe want to test you if you can wait cos she does not want to be seen and treated as a sex object all the time and she needs a little break from you by doing other stuff rather than sex.


    • remmalyn
      remmalyn commented
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      I agree I think she wants to be treated as a decent woman and not a dirty whore.

    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      I agree remmalyn She deserved to be loved and should not be treated like a pornstar from time to time.

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    Getting into her perspective I think she wants to be seen as a better woman than a whore who gets fuck by other guys. She wants to separate the idea between her job and personal life and she doesn't want to be seen as a pornstar always that's why she restrict having a sexual relationship with you.


    • westongreen
      westongreen commented
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      Yeah, I think that's a logical way to see it and I agree that she don't want to be seen as a pornstar always and to be always treated as a sex object.

    • separated2010
      separated2010 commented
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      I somewhat agree with you on the part of separating her job from her personal life. But not having sex with the guy that you're seeing for two months is too much in my opinion.