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  • Stay Or Go?

    When it comes to cheating are you the type who would automatically break up with the person or you're going to stay in the relationship and try to make it work?

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    It's an automatic breakup with me since the trust that I have for him is already gone


    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      Yes, trust has been broken and that is not easy to win it back. Once a guy fools me, it is an automatic goodbye.

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    I don't see any good reason to stay in a relationship with him. Because even if he tells me that it won't happen again, it would always be in my head that he would doing it again but he would be more careful


    • FoxieRoxy
      FoxieRoxy commented
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      Once a cheater, always a cheater. And all cheaters suck. But not why give him a chance? Who knows he had learned his lesson and won't really cheat again?

    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      FoxieRoxy It would not be easy to trust. Trust is so precious that once it is broken, it would already be difficult to bring it back.

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    I would go for the obvious answer for this one. Would be shocked if somebody here takes the person back even if they cheated


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      I will give him a chance. People fail sometimes as we are not perfect. If he does it again then that would be an automatic break up.


      • Ommarablue
        Ommarablue commented
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        So you follow the saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" ?

      • itten
        itten commented
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        Khaleesi I think she's never been in a relationship in which the guy cheated on her that is why she's willing to give him the chance if that ever happens

      • AvaHHH
        AvaHHH commented
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        Just hope that you would never end up with a guy who's going to cheat on you

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      It's like an ex-convict applying for a job. There's nothing to discuss


      • miracleshappen
        miracleshappen commented
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        That's a really weird analogy. So if you're a business owner and a reformed ex-convict would apply for a job, you would not hire him or her because of it?

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      Cheating is a tendency. If it shows up once, who knows when it will appear again


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        Of course I would dump him immediately because of it. I'm not a martyr who would let that sort of thing easily slide


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          Any person who would take their partner back after cheating should automatically declared as a saint or martyr. Because there is a chance that it will happen again and they would still accept them lol


          • loofabb
            loofabb commented
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            If that ever becomes true, then there's a chance that ClaireBare would be one

        • #10
          It's immediately over between the two of us, no questions asked whatsoever


          • tummytummy
            tummytummy commented
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            I would be surprised if a guy would try and cheat on you

        • #11
          Men are good at hiding things. How are we going to know if they are cheating or not?


          • WhiskyGypsy
            WhiskyGypsy commented
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            She might be talking about if you caught him in the act or he was forced to tell you that he's seeing another person besides you

          • DraggedOn
            DraggedOn commented
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            There are telltale signs that a guy is doing something behind your back

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          Definitely going to break up with him right after I find out the reason why he did it


          • nnica
            nnica commented
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            Are you sure that you wanted to know the reason why he cheated on you? Might end up hurting yourself more if you find out why he did it

          • keyth90
            keyth90 commented
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            nnica Whether I'll be hurt or not, I still need to know the reason. I need full closure.

        • #13
          Is there really a good reason to stay with someone who cheated on you? Once she cheated, it is automatically over between the two of us


          • LessLee
            LessLee commented
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            A stupid reason like the person that you're seeing is the so-called love of your life can be a reason that you're willing to stay in the relationship