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  • Shall I?

    I have a boyfriend. I love him and I believe that he loves me, too. Lately, it seemed like there was something that he was hiding. Later on, I found out that he has another person on his life - his male friend. Shall I break up with him?

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    How did you learn about them? Are you sure that his friend is more than a friend? I am just confused as why would your boyfriend would choose a man.


    • DickedTracy
      DickedTracy commented
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      Maybe she caught them in a really compromising position that's why she's asking our help if she should better dump him already

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    Who was at fault here? You or him? Oh, wait, was there no sign that your boyfriend was a bisexual?


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      Maybe he wants both of you? Are you open into that kind of a relationship? If you are and all agree with the arrangement then that would be a happy end.


      • TechKilla
        TechKilla commented
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        Are you expecting her to try and be in an open relationship with the guy so that she can avoid dumping him?

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      How sure are you that they're doing something behind your back? Did you caught them in the act or something? If you're the type who dumps people immediately because of cheating, then go ahead and dump him already


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        If you caught them in the act, then feel free to dump him already. And you should remember that the reason why you dumped him is because of him cheating on you


        • mum201610
          mum201610 commented
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          It would be difficult to catch people who have something to hide as they would do all things to keep their affair a secret.

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        I don't think that there's a valid reason to stay with him. Unless you're willing to forgive him for cheating on you with his friend


        • DarthKram
          DarthKram commented
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          If she ever decides to forgive him, do you think that things would be still be the same between the two of them

        • PintCream
          PintCream commented
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          It's okay to forgive him for what he did and dump him afterwards

        • HeatherS
          HeatherS commented
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          PintCream I know that there is a saying that states "forgive and forget" but I did not know that there is "forgive and dump".

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        Just dump him. They say that if someone loves you then they would not choose someone new. So, if they chose someone other than you, it meant that they love the other person more than you.


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          Ask him to choose one only. Best of luck for the both of you.


          • BossyGal
            BossyGal commented
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            I don't think that's a good idea since there is a huge possibility that he would his friend and you would end up getting dump

          • LessLee
            LessLee commented
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            BossyGal Sometimes, we get dumped by other people. All we need to do is to accept it.

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          Originally posted by LessLee View Post
          Ask him to choose one only. Best of luck for the both of you.
          Just to add with what she said. And be ready in case he would dump you for his friend


          • breastse3
            breastse3 commented
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            lol. That would be a double slap of her face if his boyfriend would gonna choose his friend over her.

          • Slurpee
            Slurpee commented
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            @breaste3 I think that she's really on the losing end on this one and there is a huge chance that he would choose the guy

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          I feel that everybody is in agreement that you have to dump him already so it's all up to you whether you're going to listen to us or not