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    How do I help my friend she wants to tell his 10-year boyfriend that she does not want to be with him anymore, I mean he's nice and all but she feels like they are losing their spark as a couple.
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    What a waste of ten years?! you are just going to give that up now? talk to your boyfriend and get that spark back, ten years is no joke, don't waste a decade of your time just because you think you are losing your sparks, make them and push your relationship to spark again.


    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      They're losing the spark, so it means to say that they are at the edge of their relationship and there would be a chance for them to put things back the way they were. Unless they are willing to continue thing on, I mean, yes 10 years of relationship and you're just going to put it to waste?

    • voodoofoo
      voodoofoo commented
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      I bet that she really tried to make it work but the problem is that the relationship has reached its natural end

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    I think it's alright if you feel that way, It's better to say it now while you guys aren't married yet, this kind of situation can be hard once you tie the knot, a lot of things can be at stake especially if you end up with a child which will be bad for their growth if you end up fighting and divorced in the end.


    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      Okay, I got your point. And yes, you are right. It is better to end as early as now. Going on further might result to worse outcomes.

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    Girl, you should think before breaking it off with a guy you spent a decade within your life, sparks are great but it's not the only thing that keeps a relationship afloat just talk to him about it if you both feel it then break it off, but I highly suggest that you fix this before you regret something big, imagine spending 10 years and you are just going to throw it all away?


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      What if she has done her part to make the relationship afloat but her partner is not doing his part? I think that her reason for breaking up with him is good enough

    • wendy
      wendy commented
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      Right! 10 years would just be wasted away if she breaks up with her boyfriend. They should talk over their issues and let the sparks come back.

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    Are you sure that this is something recent or it's been a couple of years already that she felt this way toward him? Because it would catch him off guard when she suddenly tells him that


    • westine
      westine commented
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      I feel that relationship has been going downhill for a while already

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    Some people I know go to couple's therapist for this like that, but before you will consider the idea, you sit down first with you man and have a long talk. Maybe you can come up the best solution why is the spark fading without separating right? 10 years going to drain! Such a pity!


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      They should have a good talk. She should tell her side to her boyfriend. It would be painful to her boyfriend, but the right thing must be done.


      • bugcow
        bugcow commented
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        Yes, there would be pain on the side of the man. I do not think that the girl would even feel bad about the breakup.

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      Would you like to help your friend to keep the relationship instead of helping her to rid of the relationship? Look, 10 years is not a short time. Would you just lose it all?


      • boredme
        boredme commented
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        Maybe she has helped her already to make the relationship work that's why she's willing to help her to end it

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      The spark must be re-ignited. I would ask her to reconsider her plan for a breakup. 10 years of relationship is not a joke. Would you just waste a long relationship just like that?


      • boogoow13
        boogoow13 commented
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        What can you suggest for them to do in order to re-ignite the spark?

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      Her boyfriend is nice and all. If I were your friend, I would not break up with him. The guy looks so nice to me, so there should be no reason for me to break up with him.


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        I could sense that the girl has a new man on her life already. That is the reason why she wants to make it appear that the spark on their relationship has been lost.