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  • Dark Dining

    Has any of you been in a dark dining date? To those who don't know what it is: it's a date where you dine in a dark restaurant, where customers don't see the food that they're eating. The basic concept is that by eating in total darkness it would enhance other senses and increases your gastronomic pleasure

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    I have heard of it a couple of times before and would love to experience it in the near future


    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      Are you hoping that a date would take you there?

    • SpeedyGee
      SpeedyGee commented
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      If you want, I can take you out on a date at that restaurant if you want

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    ClaireBare are you hoping that somebody would take you to that restaurant that's why you're asking us about it?


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      I'd rather see the food I'm eating. It's part of the "tasting" process.


      • Khaleesi
        Khaleesi commented
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        Are you sure that it's because you might have problems finding out mouth in the dark? lol

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      Is that even proven? lol


      • JuneBug
        JuneBug commented
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        I would suggest that you go and dine there in order to find out if it does really increase the gastronomic experience or not

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      I don't think I can experience pleasure and what if there is a cockroach in the food and you accidentally eat that. Don't want to try that ever.


      • TaintGotYou
        TaintGotYou commented
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        Do you really think that they would be that careless that they wouldn't notice that there's a cockroach or an insect on the food that they're serving?

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      I don't see any pleasure when I am in the dark eating unknown food. lol


      • DraggedOn
        DraggedOn commented
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        I think they would tell you what food they would be serving so it's not like they would serve you random dishes

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      For those who are thinking who it works, maybe this would help you know what to expect


      • BossyGal
        BossyGal commented
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        Thanks for sharing this. Maybe this would answer most of the questions that were asked

      • DickedTracy
        DickedTracy commented
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        I enjoy watching the other shows of the female host. I feel that she's really fun to be with

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      So who wants to join me and try eating there?


      • Noelle
        Noelle commented
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        If you're the one who's going to pay for everything, why not lol

      • RustyJay
        RustyJay commented
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        Noelle in case he's not willing to take you there, I would love to be the to go out with you in that restaurant

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      I wonder if they gave someone the wrong order and didn't noticed it lol


      • WillowPillow
        WillowPillow commented
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        Or it could be worse. They accidentally served meat to someone who's hardcore vegan lmao

      • TechKilla
        TechKilla commented
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        Or served a specific food to an allergic. lol

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      Is food any good?


      • bewgrien
        bewgrien commented
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        The usual, maybe. The only thing different is the setting of the place.