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    Are you willing to travel to meet up with a date? Say that this man lives far away from you and wants you to come to his place, are you willing to go there for him? Note that he is also willing to send you money for you to get there and the rest would be his expenses once you get there.

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    I am willing to travel to get to him but first, he has to send me the money just so I would know that he is not scamming me, lol! Okay, the rest will come easy, next is that I will go to him and he should meet up with me at the given place.


    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      Of course, this man would be sending you money so you would be able to travel to get to him, duh! But yes, if that were me too, I would definitely go to that man, no matter how far he is from me. This would be all worth it!

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    If this man is forcing me to meet up with him, any amount of money would please me. It won't make me change my mind going there to meet up with him. This man could be up to something, I already said no so why is there a need for him to force me to do this?


    • loccaBVNM
      loccaBVNM commented
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      Forcing you to meet him? I would be scared to meet a man who forces me to meet him up. I won't accept his offer.

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    I feel like this man is spoiling me already. Oh well, sure, why not? He is into me and all he asks is for me to show up to his place, that's not much of a bother since he is sending me the cash and is giving me directions to know the way.


    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      Are you not afraid that he might do something bad planned that's why he's doing all those things for you?

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    I do not want to travel too far to date if it is just around the city sure why not? but if it's on another country hell no, what if he is a massacre and kills you? it will be on charted places where you are not sure if your safe or not If he has the money to pay for your flight and accommodation why doesn't he travel to where you are?


    • remmalyn
      remmalyn commented
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      You should have told him that it is best if you two would meet halfway instead. No need for him to send you money to travel far just to get to him. It would be safe if you'd convince this man to travel his way to you and not the other way around.

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    Well, for a girl like who loves travelling, I would be willing to go anywhere it's the perfect opportunity to travel, they have free air fair, free accommodation and the best of all is he is offering free food what's not to like? if a guy offers me that I would think that he is already pampering me with love and money.


    • kasnier4
      kasnier4 commented
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      Well, It's good that you are optimistic amidst that the person might be a criminal trying to use you or worst, maybe something like selling you to a sex den or make you a drug mule, think girl if he has money to send you why is he so afraid to go to other places and why you?

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    This sounds fishy to me, I know that we've been talking for weeks or even months, yeah, but I still won't consider this one. I don't know what he's up to but if he wants to meet up with me then he better get to me first, not me going to him. I'm scared if he's up to no good or something.


    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      Do you feel that he's planning something bad towards her?

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    As long as I feel comfortable meeting him and he's not a psycho pretending to be good maybe I will.


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      Yes, I'm willing to travel for a date. But if its something like the one that you've mentioned, that's a no for me


      • paupau11
        paupau11 commented
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        So how far are you willing to travel for a date? Are you willing to cross the country just for a date?