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Dating In The Time Of Corona

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  • Dating In The Time Of Corona

    Let's say that you're dating a guy at the moment but the problem is that you're not in the same house at the moment. How are you going to make sure that your relationship will survive?

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    The most basic one that I can think of is having online dates and maybe some online sexy time as well to make yourselves crave for each other.


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      Since I'm not seeing anyone at the moment, the only thing that I can suggest for them to do is try to make sure that you're able to talk or facetime with your partner at least for a few minutes every day or evening. Try to call them when you're having a meal or if you have some spare time during the weekends as well.


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        I think that the two of you should have thought of staying together before everyone was forced to stay at home so that you've avoided being in a some sort of long distance relationship.


        • itten
          itten commented
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          I bet that any guy who's going to date you would love to stay with you 24/7.

        • Ommarablue
          Ommarablue commented
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          That's sweet itten. We always see each other's faces and sometimes I think that he is tired of looking at me everyday lol.

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        If the restrictions for the city that you're living in is not that strict why not try and visit each other from time to time. But you have to make sure that you're at least six feet away from each other. Or send each other food or supplies from time to time.


        • separated2010
          separated2010 commented
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          Maybe let your guy disguise as one of the delivery boys so you can spend time with him lol.

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        I think we need to schedule a date night where both of you will brainstorm on what to do like playing a game or watching a movie together that both of you are doing at the same time.


        • justinenicole
          justinenicole commented
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          Definitely recommended for couples. I think they should have date night everyday and do something spectacular and special that will make them both love each other.

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        Since I'm actually tired to do chat's and live video calls sometimes then it's best if we have faith in him/her and make a promise that you will take him/her on a date once this is over.


        • tummytummy
          tummytummy commented
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          It's like an LDR relationship that you have to wait for a specific date to be with him.

        • pauline
          pauline commented
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          I think that's one way to show that you are still concern about what's going on with your relationship and have you invited him for a date once this outbreak is over?

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        Since we can't see each other then the best thing you both can do is have the patience and understanding and schedule a date after the outbreak is over.


        • remmalyn
          remmalyn commented
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          Yah and we need to follow and endure the days we won't be seeing them and just be together when this is over.

        • eritta6
          eritta6 commented
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          Or maybe if you both are tired of waiting then you might get foods through delivery and do an online date.

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        You could try playing games or trivia. Maybe start a two-person book club and begin reading it to your partner when having a conversation call either by skype or facetime. Both of you must always find time for fun.


        • nericcaw3
          nericcaw3 commented
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          Yeah, I think it's a great idea so both of you can still have fun. What kind of books do you recommend?

        • yani13
          yani13 commented
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          I feel that the one who's listening might end up asleep before the chapter even is over.

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        Both of you need to stay in touch and arrange a call so both of you can hear each other's voices and need to endure that you won't be with them physically.


        • bugcow
          bugcow commented
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          I think doing a video call or facetime is way better than just a regular phone call since they can also see each other by doing that.

        • wendy
          wendy commented
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          You can also include skype call bugcow. It's more advisable if we can connect through video calls so you can see the emotion on their face.

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        Scheduling several hours a week for a video date to catch up on everything and you can stream a movie to watch together over video chat or play video games together online.


        • westine
          westine commented
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          Do you prefer talking to him every day or every other one so that you have more things to talk about?

        • mum201610
          mum201610 commented
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          For me, it's kinda boring to set up a video call but we really got no choice but to date them online.

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        You just need to stay in touch and tell him/her to wait and have the patience to be with you again. If they really love you then they need to sacrifice and wait for the perfect time to reunite again.


        • shouty
          shouty commented
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          So what do you do in order for you to stay in touch with your love one? Do you video call her as well?

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        The only thing I will do is to believe that it will survive and stay in touch with him just like what normal couples do when they are having an LDR relationship.