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Flirting at forty

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  • Flirting at forty

    Hello everyone! I'm remmalyn from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm here looking for a guy who can make me feel young again. I'm turning 40 next year, so I'm hoping to find someone who even wants to settle down with me. Only if there is, so HMU!

    Question: Do you guys plan to settle down by 40? If no, then what age?

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    I would plant to settle down at age 60. And why not? We could say that life will really begin at 60.


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      No, tell me that you are just kidding. I do not think that you would still enjoy your sex life when you would start it at age 60. The movements of the older people are already limited so you would have hard times with the various positions that you would gonna act.

    • ClaireBare
      ClaireBare commented
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      You are the only one who had said that one. Why 60? You would be too old for anything fun by that age.

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    I actually hope that I'm settled down by the time that I enter that age


    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      I guess so too, but I would miss hooking up with different girls without the risk of getting caught by my wife or kids

    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      TechKilla Wow. Where did you get that idea? That was simply wrong. If you are already married, then you should not be hooking up anymore.

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    Are you feeling that your life in on a loop or routine that's why you need someone who's going to make you feel young again?


    • RustyJay
      RustyJay commented
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      I think it happens to some of us, well I can relate. It's hard to find someone serious these days, It kinda makes you feel hopeless sometimes.

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    No, 40 is a bit old to settle down. How about settling down at 27 years old or even as late as 30 years old? Although I had read that the optimal age for a woman to give birth is at 32.


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      Don't you think that there is no specific age to settle down? Some people could settle down older than 40 and younger than 20.

    • HeatherS
      HeatherS commented
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      If you plan to have kids, then I agree with you that settling down at that age. But if she's not interested in having kids, then she can settle down whenever she's ready

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    There should be no specific age to settle down. When we are already ready then that would be the time to settle down. I had even seen people who were on their 60s when they "finally" settled down. Well, mostly where lovers when they were young, got married with other the partner, that partner died or got divorced, before settled with their old time lover.


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      My professor told the class that we should settle down at age 18. Well, not actually to settle down but to get pregnant at age 18. Her reason? For the incisions at the vagina area to heal faster. Wounds heal faster when you are younger than when you are already older. Of course, she was just kidding while telling her personal story on giving birth to her first child at age 30.


      • yani13
        yani13 commented
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        Giving birth at 18 is not the right time. You are still a teenager at that time. How about giving birth at age 25?

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      I think that 40 is still young and we could still flirt with those men. But I wonder how those old women, say 65, would flirt the men that they want to have? Would it already look so silly?


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        Not really sure about when, but hopefully it would be before I hit that age


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          Settling down at 40 is a bit late already. I think the optimal should be around 30. At this age, everything should already be settled.


          • Khaleesi
            Khaleesi commented
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            Maybe struggling to a divorce she's been going through. Who knows? Maybe she's a wreck? I'm just wondering why and maybe the problem is with her.

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          By 40, you would have a less chance to have a child unless you would go into some IVF treatments but that would cost you money. If you plan to have a child then you should have settled down about 10 years ago. Now, if you do not like to have a child then that would be fine.