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  • With or without kids?

    If you are a single parent that wants to try dating apps, do you think that it would be necessary for you to post a picture of you with your kid/s or just a photo of you?

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    If that were me, a single mom, I would put a picture of me and my child. Why would I be ashamed of becoming a single mom? I know that someone out there would accept to date me even if I have a child already.


    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      Yes, there would be some men who would date a single mom. But let us be aware that most men would not want to date single moms. It is like an automatic no for them.

    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      Having a kid and being a single mom is something that we should not be ashamed of. It is a reality in this modern world. But, sadly, most men would not date single moms.

    • FoxieRoxy
      FoxieRoxy commented
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      Starla Exactly! Of course, single moms have the right to have dates again. Although it must be understood that they are not on equal footing with the single ones.

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    I think it won't be necessary to put up a photo with your kid in it. It would be understood if you ever did mention in your bio that you are a single parent with a 6-year-old son or daughter, like that.


    • hbhvr56
      hbhvr56 commented
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      I agree with you, it's up to those people if they still wanted to date you or not but there's no need for you to put up a photo of you and your kid. Since it is a dating app, put up one of your best photos to attract potential dates there.

    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      It won't be necessary putting up a photo and it won't also be necessary to talk about it with your date. It's just you and your date, focus on that one.

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    I don't think it is nice to put up a picture of you and your kid/s on those dating sites since it is filled with adults, it's best for me to keep my children safe and just put up photos of me as much as possible.


    • sinksex
      sinksex commented
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      You're right. Protect your kids away from adults, if you're planning to have dates in those sites then leave your kids out of it and it should be just between you and your lover.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      Mom instincts. It's best to keep your children safe and away from those online predators. Hey, better safe than sorry, right?

    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      Adult dating sites should be more about dating and flirting. No minors should be involved in this site. Always remember that sites and apps have their terms and conditions to be followed.

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    If a man asks me for a photo of me and my kid, I would send it to him, but I won't put it on display on my dating profile. But at least it is given on my bio that I have a child already but I am 100% single and looking.


    • DarthKram
      DarthKram commented
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      You shouldn't send pictures of your child to a random man online, you barely even know that guy. And I don't think that an ordinary man would ask a woman for pictures of her and your child, that's quite alarming, don't you think?

    • Rizza
      Rizza commented
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      I don't think it is okay to just randomly send a photo of your child alone with a man you just met online. Even if there's you in it too. It would be nice if he is more interested in you and does not need to ask more about your child, right?

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    I don't need to put up a picture of me and my kid/s since it would be most likely that my kids are with their mom. So, I'd want to appear single and charming in those dating apps, of course, no one wants to date a single date, right?


    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      It is okay to tell them that you're single and you have a kid with someone but you're just giving support to the kid and you are currently looking for someone to be with. There's nothing wrong with that.

    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      Enjoy being single itten you can freely hookup and have dates with any women that you can find on those dating apps. I agree with you that you won't be needing to post pictures of you with your kid/s in it.

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    Perhaps one photo would be enough and you know what they say about photos, it paints a thousands words. So, I don't care how they would react to this or what they wanted to say about it but yes, they are right, I am a single mom and proud it. Why will I not be?


    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      One photo should be enough already and if those dates would ever have to ask questions with you then feel free to answer them politely. I mean there would be some guys out there that wouldn't mind if a person is a single parent or not.

    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      But it is a dating app and I'm sure that those men would love to see more of your face, body, and just you. You should enjoy posting daring pictures of yourself so you can get more of their attention.

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    I think if you want to meet a genuine person and avoid getting ditched you should be honest about your
    profile so that the people looking at it would know what to expect and would genuinely love you for what
    you are no matter what the circumstance since you already made yourself vulnerable in the app


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      well if you are not confident about yourself then just fake it till you make it happen
      and think about the consequences later just focus on getting your goal and deal
      with the aftermath later but take caution my advice has a very heavy responsibility


      • Lara2l
        Lara2l commented
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        this is very very wrong advice to give especially if you have kids you should never lie about
        yourself the world is not that bad there some people who can accept you no matter who you
        are a partner should be able to handle and carry the baggage love you still amidst all of that

      • tummytummy
        tummytummy commented
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        yeah this is very bad advice to give if you want an honest relationship and man who
        will love you for who you are, then just be honest about it on your profile don't hide
        anything so that you will know they like you for who you are

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      no matter what happens if you would like someone to like you for who you really are,
      then just be honest with your profile because someday and someone will like you even
      with all your flaws out in the open


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        If I had a kid, then I would post a photo of me with my kid on it but his face should be blurred as he is still a minor. In that way, it is explicit to say that I already had a kid with me. On my description, I would explicitly confirm that I had a small kid with me. In that way, all would be transparent. If they do not like me simply because of my kid, then that is fine with me.


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          If your kid is still a baby then I would not suggest putting the kid's picture on the dating app. As others suggested, you can just indicate in your bio that you have a kid for them to know in advance.