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  • How Long Does It Take

    How long does it usually take you before you get in the mood for sex?

  • #2
    It would be less than five minutes if he's a good kisser


    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      I agree, no matter how tired you are if he is a good kisser you will be turned on.

  • #3
    It all depends on how fast she can remove her clothes lol


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      Definitely right about that one. Once her titties are out, my dick would get immediately hard

    • DarthKram
      DarthKram commented
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      Slurpee I find her pussy much more a turn on than her titties.

  • #4
    I don't know but usually, couples intend to watch porn before doing it. lol


    • #5
      It depends on how good he is when it comes to getting me in the mood


      • #6
        Most of the time it takes me around five minutes


        • reddish97
          reddish97 commented
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          What does he need to do in order for you to get in the mood?

      • #7
        It depends on how fast he can make me wet with his tongue


        • DraggedOn
          DraggedOn commented
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          Where does his tongue need to be? Is it inside your mouth or inside your pussy?

        • LessLee
          LessLee commented
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          I prefer it both, but it would be better if he's skilled.

      • #8
        5 minutes especially if she's really hot and a good kisser.


        • #9
          10 to 15 minutes minimum if he's really good on the foreplay.


          • #10
            Kissing me on the lips non-stop and telling me how much he wants to fuck me


            • PintCream
              PintCream commented
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              So a little dirty talk would work on you as well

            • TaintGotYou
              TaintGotYou commented
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              Yep, it turns me on a lot.

          • #11
            Just a kiss in the neck would start a fire in me. lol


            • SpeedyGee
              SpeedyGee commented
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              I would definitely take note of that one lol

            • BossyGal
              BossyGal commented
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              Would you like to try it for me? SpeedyGee

          • #12
            For me, it would depend on how fast she would remove her clothes lol


            • leahsneak
              leahsneak commented
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              Bet you would be pissed of she's wearing 5 layers of clothing lol

          • #13
            Well, how long does it take for the guy to get his dick hard? lol


            • RustyJay
              RustyJay commented
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              Wow, that fast lol?

            • Noelle
              Noelle commented
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              RustyJay it can take longer if the guy had an erectile dysfunction

          • #14
            I bet that there are guys here who would get hard at a snap of a finger


            • DickedTracy
              DickedTracy commented
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              You're right about that one. Most guys I've been with would automatically get hard when I remove my top lol

            • TechKilla
              TechKilla commented
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              DickedTracy Just looking at your profile turns me on already honey