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  • how often?

    I know this the most common question being asked but how often do you like having sex?

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    Three times a week is enough for me since I am a busy lady.


    • Khaleesi
      Khaleesi commented
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      I think that is ok and healthy for both of you.

  • #3
    As long as I have time, I like to have sex.


    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      So basically it's any free time that you have?

  • #4
    As often as possible that's why I have toys in case I have problems looking for a guy to have sex with


    • keyth90
      keyth90 commented
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      How many toys do you exactly own?

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    For me, it would be at least three times a week


    • ClaireBare
      ClaireBare commented
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      Are you busy with work?

    • DraggedOn
      DraggedOn commented
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      The same goes for me. Three to four times a week

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    How I wish it can be on a daily basis


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      I can help you with that if you really want it to be on a daily basis

    • SpeedyGee
      SpeedyGee commented
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      If you're still not satisfied with Slurpee, I can help you with that also

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    It all depends on the guy. It would be more frequent if he's really good at it


    • BossyGal
      BossyGal commented
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      So what's the most that you've had with any of your exes?

  • #8
    When I was in college, it's on a daily basis. But these days at least four times a week


    • DarthKram
      DarthKram commented
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      I would be fine with that four times a week also

    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      I bet that any guy who gets to sleep with you four times a week would be grinning ear to ear

  • #9
    If I can, it would be daily. That's how high my sex drive is.


    • #10
      I like to have sex 3 times a day if applicable.


      • #11
        I depends, there are times that I like doing it 3 times a day when I am bored.


        • #12
          Not too often for me, maybe 2 to 4 times a month.


          • tummytummy
            tummytummy commented
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            I guess you do not have the drive or you're just busy?