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Six months and still counting

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  • Six months and still counting

    I'm going to share with you a story about one of my closest friends, let's call her Addie. So, Addie has been single for six months and still counting. I was encouraging her to go for night-outs with me so we can meet other guys for her to date with, but it seems that she hasn't found her match yet. I'm a concerned friend that just wants her to find someone to date with. She's pretty, smart, and knows how to flirt but I don't get why guys don't like her. It's just new to me that she's been single for so long, any thoughts on this?

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    I don't think that guys don't like her, maybe she rejected them because they weren't her type. Give her a break and she'll soon find someone to date with.


    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      Maybe addie is still exploring and enjoying the moment so don't rush her too much for a relationship maybe its her choice

    • hbhvr56
      hbhvr56 commented
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      Right. I agree with this one. After all, Addie is smart so she knows what she is doing. You are concerned to her but she has her own life.

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    I understand that you're being a nice friend to her, but have you consider that maybe you're just pressuring her too much to have a date? Why can't you just let her be then?


    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      Yeah, I guess she is pressuring her a little too much there. I've known so many people who's good-looking, smart, funny and flirty but are still single for a long time. In the end, it's their choice if they wanted to date someone serious or not. Maybe they just don't feel like it for now.

    • BossyGal
      BossyGal commented
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      True. You should not be pressuring your friend to have someone. She herself is not even worried that it has been six months and counting. Let her do her own thing.

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    Have you ever questioned her about her type, preference, taste on men, any specific question that would give you a clue on what she likes? Maybe you should consider that meeting men on pubs or clubs is just a flirty thing and would never get serious


    • Rizza
      Rizza commented
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      Glad somebody is thinking, Wish you are Addie's friend so you can ask her yourself

    • dwf2017
      dwf2017 commented
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      I agree with this one, You should not expect that if you go out she will immediately fall to a guy whom he just met on night-outs, Better question her sincerely about her ideal man to be

    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      Why, thank you Rizza. I'm glad you reconsider my opinion there, you too dwf2017 I wish all the best for Addie and her decisions for the future, oh and to her friend too.

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    I think she really is smart and outsmarted you all even the guys that she's been with maybe she is playing you around and still experimenting with people. It means that she still does not want to settle in her life and enjoys being single


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      I think Addie is not even serious on having a bf right now and just wants to fool around so its not a big deal

    • DraggedOn
      DraggedOn commented
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      Yes, you are absolutely right itten. Let Addie enjoy herself, six months of being single isn't so bad. Plus, she must've been used to it and enjoyed the most of it.

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    Why not set up some blind dates for her? Get as many men as you could and arrange some speed dating. In that way, she would be able to select the man who she wants to have.


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      That will be a good idea but if her friend does not want to go to any dating scene then leave her be, I think she still enjoys being single

    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      It's only six month and you are all acting that she won't get a guy, Just let her be and don't force her to speed dating or blind dates
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    What is your problem if she is still single for six months now? You won't die if you are single, right? You know what, instead of thinking of making dates for your friend, why not focus on other things? Oh, by the way, is she lonely or happy with her current life now?


    • serrenakern
      serrenakern commented
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      Chill girl she only wants your opinion on this one. They have doubts on why she is single besides being smart and cute. I think she is very happy with her life right now

    • FoxieRoxy
      FoxieRoxy commented
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      And what could you suggest as other things to focus on? I think that she is just waiting for the right person to come. Maybe she had gotten tired of dating. She got tired of having men to focus on.

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    If guys do not like her then something is wrong with. As you said, she knows how to flirt so she has no problem being flirty. The thing is, there is something that you need to determine why guys do not like her. That should be next step that you would have to solve.


    • ejayniel
      ejayniel commented
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      Maybe she just cockblocks the guys who usually hit on her because she clearly does not like them lol!

    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      There is nothing wrong with being single for too long, what's wrong is when my friend would pressure me to be in a relationship.

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    If she has been single for so long and if that makes it strange then something has gone wrong. Either she has been doing some unusual stuff or she had decided not to have a relationship.


    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      Maybe she just wants to stay single for long until she finds someone more suitable than just guys she meets out on bars and clubs.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      TechKilla Yes, she could be looking for someone who is more sensible than those guys who frequent those clubs and bars. After all, most men who like going to those places do not have relatively good reputations.