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    Will it be a deal breaker for you if the person that you're seeing is still a virgin?
    I don't mind if the person is still a virgin. As long as I'm going to be his/her first one lol
    Yes, it is a deal breaker for me
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    It would be the second one. I think that popping a guy's cherry twice is enough for a life time lol. Also, I prefer to be with someone who can teach me a thing or two when it comes to sex


    • remmalyn
      remmalyn commented
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      Yes, more experienced people are better to have sex with. After all, if they have more experiences, you would get the chance to learn new things.

    • clenna2
      clenna2 commented
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      I'm guessing that it took both guys less than fifty pumps before they came?

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    I actually enjoy doing it with a virgin. Because they end up being hornier. Maybe it is because they want to make up for the lost time that they had lmao


    • itten
      itten commented
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      You're definitely right about that one. There was this ex of mine who wanted for us to have sex at least three times a day after I popped her cherry

    • dwf2017
      dwf2017 commented
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      Lost time? What do you mean with that one? I guess that they would be super excited to do it as it would be their first moment.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      Yes, being with a virgin has an alluring feeling. There are both excitement and thrills to have sex with virgins.

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    I voted for the first one. Being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of. It just means that the virgin wants to save it to one who deserves it. Some countries even prefer it. If I will be the one to have a virgin, I would be very honored because I can teach her the moves that I\m so long wanted in a lover. So the experience won't be traumatic.


    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      I admire your thoughts on having a virgin lover! Being a virgin really is honorable and not something to be shamed for being one.

    • AvaHHH
      AvaHHH commented
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      Are you going to be pissed off when the relationship has ended and you were not able to take his virginity?

    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      I don't think that she's talking about being ashamed of having sex with a virgin. She's just asking whether you're into virgins or not.

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    That would be a deal breaker for me because I'm tired of doing with virgins


    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      How many virgins have you actually slept with?

    • FoxieRoxy
      FoxieRoxy commented
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      Eh? Do you mean that most men whom you had encountered were mostly virgins? How lucky are you to have them around?

    • bugcow
      bugcow commented
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      Oh, you are so lucky to have virgin men. I envy you.

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    I don't mind if the person is still a virgin. As long as I'm going to be his/her first one lol

    It is not a big deal to me. All of us was as a virgin one point in our lives. It is just that they are still on that stage while we had already passed from that stage. Eventually, they would gonna learn all those stuffs. Once they had learned, they could become more awesome than what we initially thought.


    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      What if he's the type who thinks that sex if only meant for procreation purposes and not for personal gratification? Does it mean you're going to force him to have sex with you?

    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      Are you going to feel bad for yourself if you were not be able to take his virginity before the two of you break up?

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    It would be a deal breaker for me. We all know that most virgins do not have the necessary skills to make a lively sex due to lack of experience. I am not saying that all virgins are clueless as there are very good virgins out there. Lol.


    • WillowPillow
      WillowPillow commented
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      If you're the type who enjoys teaching their partner, I think that's the upside of doing it with virgins. Since you can tell him what he has to do in order to please you properly.

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    I don't mind if the person is still a virgin. As long as I'm going to be his/her first one lol

    Since he is a virgin, then that would automatically mean that I would be his first one when we would have a sex with each other, right?


    • boredme
      boredme commented
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      Yes, you're the one who's going to take his virginity. So are you going to sleep with him or not?

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    It is a deal breaker. Why? Most virgins are not good when it comes to the bed skills. After all, they have no actual experience yet. How could someone execute moves well if he had never done them in the past? Practice makes perfect, they say.


    • kendall10
      kendall10 commented
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      So you're not interested in trying to teach him the things that you enjoy doing during sex? I bet that he would listen to your every word considering that he's clueless about sex.

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    For me, it does not matter. Virgin or not, the sex would still be the same. He may not be as good as the experienced ones, but the differences would be so little that I might not notice it at all.


    • RustyJay
      RustyJay commented
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      I guess that you enjoy it so much that you don't notice the differences between them.

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    An old man but still a virgin? What did he do during his younger years? Oh, I remember the 40-year-old virgin. How pathetic.


    • yani13
      yani13 commented
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      Are you somewhat blaming him because he's still a virgin even if he's already an adult already?

    • SpeedyGee
      SpeedyGee commented
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      I bet that you're willing to sleep with a virgin if he's rich enough lol.

    • sinksex
      sinksex commented
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      Why do you think that he's pathetic? It hasn't crossed your mind that he was raised the old fashioned way that sex is only for procreation purposes and nothing else.

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    I had my fair share of virgins already so I just want to do it with guys who knows what they're doing.


    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      How many virgins have you actually slept with before?

    • DickedTracy
      DickedTracy commented
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      I bet it has been a ton. It is also possible that she's a virgin magnet that's why she got tired of doing it with them.