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  • Going on top

    Well, my friend had asked me if it is normal for men to ask women to go on top of them. One of her recent hookups made that request. They did it the whole time - no other position was made.

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    It is normal if it is one of the many positions that you would perform. But if his request is only for that one alone, then that is no longer normal. Well, while it is a regular position, it would be tiring for women to be on top for the entire sex session.


    • kendall10
      kendall10 commented
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      Yes, I could imagine that my whole body would tremble due to extreme exhaustion. If you ride on him and would do all the movements, then that would be tiring.

    • itten
      itten commented
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      Still normal for the whole duration of sex but it would be boring that's why I always research and try different kinds of positions to try.

    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      It's still normal but if you stick to only one position then it would be kinda boring.

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    How about if we are going to invoke that men and women are equal? Calling all the feminist supporters here, lol. Anyway, if we value the equality of all people, then there should be no problem with it.


    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      Not sure why you have to mention about being a feminist on this one.

    • FoxieRoxy
      FoxieRoxy commented
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      TaintGotYou I guess it is because we're talking about being on top and she feels that being on top means being in charge of the relationship.

    • sinksex
      sinksex commented
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      TaintGotYou Why feminists? Because they are the advocates of women's equality.

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    I feel that he was really horny at the time but was feeling lazy to do the work that's why he asked her to go on top of him.


    • SpeedyGee
      SpeedyGee commented
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      You're right about that and I've been guilty of doing it for a couple of times.

    • eritta6
      eritta6 commented
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      Maybe he loves being ridden that's why he prefer her to go on top the whole time but for me it would be difficult because my knees will soar

    • westongreen
      westongreen commented
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      Hmmm, okay, that could be a good reason. Is it okay to say that she is already his fifth fuck buddy on that night? If that was the case, then he was exhausted. To make it work, he asked the woman to do all the action.

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    I don't mind being on top since I can control how deep his dick can go inside of me. But I hope that he's going to thrust as well and not just wait for me to do all of the work.


    • Lara2l
      Lara2l commented
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      Some men would actually do some thrusts while you go down on them. I just like that one as it makes me want for more. The deeper it gets, the more I like it.

    • boogoow13
      boogoow13 commented
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      Oh, yes, that is one of the advantages being on top of a man. There is a total control on how deep the penetration is. You could also do all the necessary speed of fucking him.

    • dvrcd13
      dvrcd13 commented
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      I think that this is the only advantage in going on to top of the men. By going on top of the men, we could have a total control on the depth and speed of thrusts.

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    Is it normal? Yes of course but for the duration of the whole sex that would be so boring for me no variation whatsoever and im the only one who is moving


    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      If you encourage your man to move then maybe it would be much more gratifying than you just moving by yourself

    • Rizza
      Rizza commented
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      Agree with you tummytummy I bet I'll get sick of just moving up and down while he is just relaxing on the bottom with no movement then I'll get the hell out and just play with myself lol

    • reddish97
      reddish97 commented
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      How many positions does the two of you got to do before you orgasm?

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    He's just a lazy partner that's why he prefers that the girl has to be on top.


    • WillowPillow
      WillowPillow commented
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      Noelle I think that all of the ladies here have been with a guy who's lazy when it comes to sex.

    • justinenicole
      justinenicole commented
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      Obviously, one of the reasons why he let the girls to be on top of him is his laziness. I hope that he doesn't do that one all the times.

    • bewgrien
      bewgrien commented
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      DickedTracy are you not going to get mad with your partner if he's lazy in the bedroom and wants you to do all the work always?

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    There's a chance that the guy wasn't in the mood or was just exhausted that day that's why he decided that the girl has to do the work when they fucked.


    • clenna2
      clenna2 commented
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      Then why would he ask to have sex if he was not in the mood?

    • breastse3
      breastse3 commented
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      So the girl does all the heavy lifting? If he's exhausted then he should have just slept.

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    If it is only for that time, then I wouldn't mind being the one on top. But if he's going to tell me that I have to be on top every time that we're going to have sex, I would tell him that maybe it is time for him to do his share of the work and not rely on me on doing all the work.


    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      Are you willing to stop having sex with him if he prefers that you're the one who's doing the work?

    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      boredme If he wants you to be on top every time then it only means that he's too lazy to switch into something different.

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    One time my partner asked me to be on top and I got curious why so after the sex I asked him and he told me that it felt really relaxing if the woman is on top and is good in grinding.


    • westine
      westine commented
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      Yep, that would be the sound of a man who likes being fucked that way.

    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      Very relaxing but the man should learn to thrust you too upwardly.

    • loccaBVNM
      loccaBVNM commented
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      A man would just lie down and relax while a woman would do all the thrusting, but he should help in thrusting upwards.

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    I would say yes to being on top if ever I am fucking with a big man. It would be hard for me if he would be on top and he would be really heavy. lol


    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      You would not actually feel his weight when he is already inside you.

    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      Are you afraid that you would die from suffocation because of his size?

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    I think it is normal for women to be on top but not for the whole duration of the sex.


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      Do you often finish while you're on top or you often finish in the missionary position.

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    I like when a woman is on top, taking control. Its hot!