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Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last?

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  • Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last?

    Do you guys think that being a nice guy/girl can be a problem when it comes to finding a person to be with? I'm talking about being a goody two shoe here and acting all demure.

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    Yes, I think that being way too nice can be a problem sometimes. I would suggest to try and be more flirty if you want to attract guys easily.


    • ejayniel
      ejayniel commented
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      The problem is they don't know how to flirt and sometimes it's awkward.

    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      Being too nice sometimes would make you look like a nerd. lol

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    Yeah, I think so because they would think that you are a serious person who doesn't bother him/herself on wanting a relationship.


    • DarthKram
      DarthKram commented
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      Have you been in that situation before? Was there a guy who thought that you're the type who's not into relationships?

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    Not really because some nice girls are really flirty, they are just hiding it and they are just really focused on other things.


    • Khaleesi
      Khaleesi commented
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      Other things like what exactly?

    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      And I'm guessing that you're one of those nice girls that are flirty?

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    Being a "nice" guy is also attractive to the eyes of other ladies so that is not a bad thing to have.


    • HeatherS
      HeatherS commented
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      Are you a nice guy by any chance? And if you are, does it meant that you don't mind being taken advantaged of by a woman that you like?

    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      I totally agree with you on that. Before a lot of girls are looking for a guy which is a bad ass and they find that appealing and cool, but nowadays girls look for a nice guy because they know that they will be treated like a princess and not get hurt in the long run.

    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      I think I need to disagree on that idea. If you're way too nice sometimes the girl/guy that you like will just think that you just want to be friends with him/her. I would be much better if you will be both naughty and nice.

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    Yes, it is possible that they can have problems when it comes to looking for partners since they might be the type of people who often keep to themselves.


    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      Keep to themselves their feelings for someone?

    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      nnica she's talking about people who are reserved or what you may call are introverts.

    • LessLee
      LessLee commented
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      nnica introverts, they are not really open to other people

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    "Nice" people are usually introverts and they are really not approachable to anyone so it would be a little harder to find someone to be with I think.


    • justinenicole
      justinenicole commented
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      DraggedOn I have tried one and it is not really hard because if they are already comfortable talking to you, they are really very talkative.

    • emmander45
      emmander45 commented
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      I agree and they're really separating themselves from people, they're social outcasts.

    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      DraggedOn yes, one time it was a little awkward at first but as soon as we get comfortable each other things started to get better.

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    Yes, there might be some who might end up not finding a partner because of it. Especially the ones where the person who likes tell are openly flirting with them and they're still playing hard to get.


    • Noelle
      Noelle commented
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      RustyJay nope, most of them appreciate it.

    • RustyJay
      RustyJay commented
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      I also appreciate a girl who openly flirts and not hard to get, I mean it takes courage right.

    • Noelle
      Noelle commented
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      RustyJay it absolutely takes a courage but some girls are born confident as well and others like taking the first step.

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    Nice guys are the one who is usually like by girls but nice guys are a bunch of pussies for not initiating a move that's why they finish last.


    • paupau11
      paupau11 commented
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      Looking at you it seems like your the bad dude who initiates more often and how is your luck on ladies with your approach?

    • ermanw4
      ermanw4 commented
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      There are some who try to initiate, but the problem is that they are being ignored by the ladies that they like.

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    Nice girls will probably finish last if they don't reveal anything about herself and are scared of rejection. They have their boundaries to begin with and not stepping up their game.


    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      Help from friends would be needed so that your confidence would be brightened!

    • Lara2l
      Lara2l commented
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      Yes. A lot of nice girls do finish last. Unfortunately, nice people finish last because they blindly give people the benefit of the doubt. They have trouble with boundaries and saying no.

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    They will surely finish last but the people that they're destined with would definitely last. Don't underestimate the good ones because they are the one who seeks true love.


    • Remman
      Remman commented
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      I think that's the basic problem. They often hope to find true love that's why it takes them a long time to find one.

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    Every good guy's and girl's problem is being shy and conceives boundaries that hinder them from doing something that is out of their comfort zone. Can't blame them that's why they finish last for being that disciplined.


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      Would you ever think they will change if they got friends who know how to change them and make them a little bit wild?

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    Acting all demure can be a huge problem especially when it comes to dating. You shouldn't play hard to get if the guy who's asking you out is somebody that you're into.


    • keyth90
      keyth90 commented
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      I often think that ladies sometimes play hard to get because they did not like the guy too much.