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Sex during Lockdown

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  • Sex during Lockdown

    During this lockdown, My boyfriend and I have more time on our hands, we have been having a lot of sex, much more than before. Are other couples finding this also?
    We are looking to mix it up more and was curious to hear what others in this situation are doing and do you got any good ideas for some new and special things to do in bed?

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    The ones who are just starting their relationships and are stuck together are definitely doing it more often than usual.


    • DraggedOn
      DraggedOn commented
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      that's right! they are the one who are very active in sex

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    Not seeing anyone at the moment, so it is only me and my sex toys at the moment.


    • eritta6
      eritta6 commented
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      How many toys do you have at the moment? I hope its enough to satisfy you.

    • shouty
      shouty commented
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      eritta6 I own quite a number of toys that absolutely satisfies me every time I get to use them lol.

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    If you're looking for some new ideas then maybe ask your partner what he likes first then surprise him. All you need to do is research and apply it.


    • AvaHHH
      AvaHHH commented
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      I suggest they watch so they can have the idea since we all are connected to the internet and it's free to browse around.

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    If you want to add a bit of spice into the bedroom then you need to add sex toys if you have some but if you have never introduced a sex toy into your relationship before, it can be a tricky subject to broach.


    • emmander45
      emmander45 commented
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      Was thinking that you're going to suggest to pour some hot sauce on each others privates in order to spice things up lmao.

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    I bet that couple who just started dating before this social distancing thing have done every position that they've ever thought of.


    • boredme
      boredme commented
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      Is that what you are going to do if you're with a guy that you like right now?

    • bugcow
      bugcow commented
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      boredme well yeah as there is nothing else to do at home lol.

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    I feel that there might be couples out there who are doing the complete opposite and they would just argue with each other since they're driving each other crazy.


    • wendy
      wendy commented
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      I'm worried about these couples since they got no choice but to stay with them. They can't even go to therapy to help them out.

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    Were the two of you living together already before this happened or the two of you decided to do it when it was announced that everybody needs to stay at home?


    • justinenicole
      justinenicole commented
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      Based on how she wrote this topic. It feels like they decided to stay together before everybody was ordered to stay at home.

    • serrenakern
      serrenakern commented
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      justinenicole do you really that this pandemic is the main reason why they're living together at the moment?

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    I'm not with my partner right now and there's no better way to do it than to masturbate freely.


    • kendall10
      kendall10 commented
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      And have you tried jacking off in all of the corners of your place?

    • dwf2017
      dwf2017 commented
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      Have the two of you tried having online sex since you're not together at the moment?

    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      kendall10 you bet I did lol dwf2017 we did however, it's not satisfying like an actual sex lol but it did help a little.

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    I envy couples who are having lots of sex because of the lockdown while I just wait. I wonder if they are all pregnant now cos they have a lot of opportunities to make one.


    • sinksex
      sinksex commented
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      Maybe cos they have a lot of time to do it and they probably run out of condoms lol.

    • remmalyn
      remmalyn commented
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      Why not order a fleshlight of your favorite pornstar so that you can imagine that you're fucking them.

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    Hmmm not too much since I am busy at work and I often get tired and sleep once I am done with my task.


    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      What about your boyfriend? Is he busy too and your house just became a workplace lol or are you working at an office?

    • westongreen
      westongreen commented
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      So you don't do it with your boyfriend during the weekends? I'm sure that he tries to get you in the mood for it.

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    If you don't mind me asking, how many times in a week do you guys do it? nericcaw3


    • clenna2
      clenna2 commented
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      Why are you interested to find out how many times they do it in a week. Is it because you think that they've been doing it too often that they ran out of things to do that's why she's asking for tips?

    • separated2010
      separated2010 commented
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      clenna2 yes kind of and I am pretty sure they do it too often I am just curious how often? lol.

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    Not sure if somebody has suggested this already, so I'm going to suggest that the two of you try some roleplaying. And to make things interesting, you will be the guy so that you can peg him as well.


    • hbhvr56
      hbhvr56 commented
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      The roleplaying part is interesting but there's a huge chance that the guy will be interested in being pegged.

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    I don't have a partner and I just play with myself. Lucky for you, you got a lot of time to experiment with different bed positions while I'm just trying to experiment with different toys lol.