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Does It Really Matter?

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  • Does It Really Matter?

    Do you believe that first impressions still matter or it is something that is put aside already?

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    Well, it is given that most of the time you have to give a good first impression when it comes to meeting new people. There are some who are don't care about giving good first impressions. But once you get to know them better you would realize that they are actually a good person


    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      You really got a point there.

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    I think that it doesn't really matter these days. Because there are people who give a nice impression the first time you've met them, but would turn out to be total assholes in the long run


    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      Totally agree with you, met a guy like that and it was awful.

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    Yes, I do believe that the first impression does matter but I don't use this to judge the person's character.


    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      You're definitely right about that, honey.

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    For me, it really matters. First impressions have a great impact when meeting new people.


    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      You're definitely right about that.

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    Well, that really depends. Sometimes our first impression about a person is not always accurate after knowing more about the person.


    • Khaleesi
      Khaleesi commented
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      You are right about that, so for me, first impressions do not matter.

    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      Khaleesi Glad that you have the same feeling about this.

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    If your good impression means good looks, then for me it matters.


    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      How about when it comes to the his or her personality?

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    These days first impressions are not that important since there are people who might look scary, but can be the nicest people that you've ever encounter


    • HeatherS
      HeatherS commented
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      And there are some who look like, but end up being the worst

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    It really depends on the situation. Because sometimes it would be just a waste of your time if you try such a thing


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      For me, the first impression is important because I bet you won't date her again if she fails on the first date.


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        It matters because most of the time, first impression last unless they got to know you more.