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  • Yes Or No?

    If for some strange reason, your celebrity crush suddenly calls you and wants to hookup with you, are you going to do it or not?

  • #2
    Of course I would do it, that might be the only time Cara Delevigne would be interested in doing it with a guy lol


    • #3
      I would immediately tell him where I'm at so he can pick me up and get it done already


      • TaintGotYou
        TaintGotYou commented
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        You make it sound like chore. lol

    • #4
      I would be called a liar if I say no here. I just hope that he's as good when we're doing it in my dreams


      • #5
        Which celebrity crush are we talking about here? If it's all of them, I would make sure that they would be sucked dry at our gang bang


        • sinksex
          sinksex commented
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          How many celebrities would be in that gang bang? And are you sure that you can handle all of them?

      • #6
        My celebrity crush is dead. This will really be scary.


        • Remman
          Remman commented
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          Gosh, you have dark humor although I really find this funny.

        • HeatherS
          HeatherS commented
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          At least you would know that there's an after life that's why he was able to call you lol

      • #7
        I would be surprised if someone will not accept the offer.


        • #8
          I would definitely ask him where he's at right now and can he pick me up ASAP


          • #9
            I would hope that he would ran towards me and would make out with me immediately