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  • Ghosted/Ghosting

    Time and again, I will never learn to keep my guards up. I always end up hooking up with guys who will end up ghosting me. What is Ghosting, you say? It's when you feel comfortable with someone and that someone will eventually not give you a call and/or will not respond to your texts. They'll turn into 'ghosts', who suddenly DISAPPEARS. It's scary, right? I get chills down my spine while typing this. I couldn't count the times this has happened to me but for now on, I shouldn't trust anyone too much. We all hate the feeling of being ignored, but it's hard to avoid this kind of person who can easily ghost you. So, be careful!

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    You'll get to know the signs of a person ready to ghost you. It shows when he replies one or three phrases throughout his text messages. He's not that engaging in talking to you.


    • Starla
      Starla commented
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      But how about if he starts messaging you again? I don't know what other possibilities ghosting has before you can confirm that you're already ghosted.

    • Remman
      Remman commented
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      Starla if he starts messaging you again, it only means that he's fucking horny. Don't expect that he would go back to you

    • breastse3
      breastse3 commented
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      Have you really been with someone who slowly ghosted you and not just completely disappeared on you? WhiskyGypsy

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    I've been ghosted twice already and I stopped trusting guys that much. Little do I know I started ghosting other guys as well. That's what happens if you try to dodge a bullet, you end up holding the gun yourself.


    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      And how many guys have you ghosted so far?

    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      Were you able to cross paths with those men who ghosted you?

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    Why not stop hooking up with random men and try be in a relationship for a change. If your boyfriend ends up ghosting you as well, it means that you're the type who unknowingly dates men who ghost women that they've been with


    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      How would you even know that a guy is a ghosting type of person? Ghosting is everywhere and it happens to everyone who does not deserve it!

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    I was recently ghosted and it was pretty sad. I thought he was different from the other guys I've hooked up with. We went out for a midnight snack and it was actually our first meetup. He drove me back to my place and we end up sleeping together. The next day, I knew that he got busy with work. In the next couple of days, he hasn't been responding to my text messages right there I knew I was already ghosted.


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      You thought he was different but you were wrong. When will you learn to accept that almost all guys the similar?

    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      leahsneak then how will you learn to love again if you can't trust anyone anymore? Would it be that we'll live alone until we grow old?

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    I do not know why you have been ghosted when all of you are beautiful. Well, as for me, I had never experienced being ghosted. Maybe, I have been lucky not to be ghosted.


    • BossyGal
      BossyGal commented
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      We're both lucky enough to never experience ghosting. A recent study tells that ghosting causes trauma and it's really saddening.

    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      People would often look for a past time and try hitting on other people. Then if they ever get bored, they would ghost that person instantly.

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    If there are only ghostbusters to actual people who love ghosting then our world is a safe place now. Lol! I hate people who does ghosting.


    • ermanw4
      ermanw4 commented
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      Lol! There's nothing we can do about it but avoid them just like that

    • keyth90
      keyth90 commented
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      HAHAHAHAHAHA there's no ghostbusters to people who do ghosting but I would love to bust their balls if they ever got the chance to ghost me.

    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      ejayniel I think that the term that you're looking for is confronting the person. lol

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    My friend just got ghosted for the third time around, I told her to take a break from the relationship scene. She was never new to it but she always end up the victim.


    • TaintGotYou
      TaintGotYou commented
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      Your friend might be too much to handle that's why guys often end up ghosting her

    • AvaHHH
      AvaHHH commented
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      How about you? Have you been ghosted before or you're the one who ghosts guys?

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    That's a give when it comes to one night stands. There's a huge chance you would hear from the person again