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    What was the strangest sex related confession that you've heard? Mine was being told by my ex that in order for her to orgasm immediately she would imagine that Brad Pitt or some hot Hollywood actor is fucking her.

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    I was the first girlfriend of this guy and the day after that we had an intense make out session, he told me that I was the first girl that he ever jerked of to.


    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      I hope that you were also the one who took his virginity.

    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      Was it looking at your photo or imagining you while he is jerking off?

    • paupau11
      paupau11 commented
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      TechKilla that's possible or he's imagining what it would look like if they have sex.

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    It was with this guy who had trouble making it hard. I was sucking his dick for almost fifteen minutes when he tells me that he jacked off before going to my place.


    • imacoolgal
      imacoolgal commented
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      Did you get mad at him because of it or you just continued to suck on his dick?

    • WillowPillow
      WillowPillow commented
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      You should have given him a hard on pills lol. That's why guys should not jacked off before having sex because they'll ruin their momentum.

    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      imacoolgal I waited again for several minutes and did not continue it because I was so pissed.

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    Originally posted by tummytummy View Post
    Mine was being told by my ex that in order for her to orgasm immediately she would imagine that Brad Pitt or some hot Hollywood actor is fucking her.
    Did you get mad at her after she told you that? Or you didn't care since you were still able to fuck her.


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      This was told to me by one of my close friends. The guy that she was seeing at the time told her that he might be bisexual since he slept with her brother. He told her that right after they just had sex.


      • Ommarablue
        Ommarablue commented
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        I kinda feel that's slightly better than catching him doing it with her brother.

      • keyth90
        keyth90 commented
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        Maybe the guy is just joking or is he really serious being bisexual?

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      This was told to me a month into our relationship. He told me that I was the one who took his virginity. When he told me that, it made me realize that I was kinda lucky that he lasted longer than I expected when the first time that we had sex.


      • sala67
        sala67 commented
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        But did he know what he was doing and didn't coached him whatsoever?

      • serrenakern
        serrenakern commented
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        Have you been with a virgin before and he came really quick when you fucked him?

      • pauline
        pauline commented
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        Was he the only virgin that you've been with or there have been other guys as well?

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      Told me it was his first time not wearing a condom because he can't control it. I was shocked that he didn't cum inside me otherwise I would be pregnant right now.


      • miracleshappen
        miracleshappen commented
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        If he didn't creampied you, where did you he shot his load? Did he came on your belly or mouth?

      • reddish97
        reddish97 commented
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        Well, it takes time to practice those skills lol. Where did he come?

      • eritta6
        eritta6 commented
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        You didn't notice that he wasn't wearing one while you were fucking him?

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      I once admitted to my ex that I wasn't in the mood for it that night. He caught me looking at the clock and was obviously faking it.


      • hbhvr56
        hbhvr56 commented
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        How did he caught you? Were you still moaning even if he stopped thrusting already?

      • LessLee
        LessLee commented
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        I think you're just bored and want to end things quickly with him.

      • westine
        westine commented
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        Did he end up finishing or catching you faking it ruined his mood that evening?

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      A fuck buddy of mine once told me that he loves being with me because I look like his hot cousin and was thinking of her as we had sex. I was thinking that this guy is fucked up by obsessing about his cousin.


      • paupau11
        paupau11 commented
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        It's totally fucked up but I know some guys as well who think their cousins are hot as hell and was also talking about them but not sexually.

      • yani13
        yani13 commented
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        That's a bit messed up, but you should be at least be thankful since he's fucking you and not his cousin.

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      He told me that he sees and imagines me as his wife at the moment and he is indeed has a wife. This occurred on my one night stand with a man who still thinks about his wife as we are fucking together.


      • loofabb
        loofabb commented
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        Glad that he didn't let you wear a wedding gown as you were doing it lol.

      • emmander45
        emmander45 commented
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        Did he tell you what happened to his wife? I feel that his wife passed away that's why he still thinks of her while doing it with you.

      • wenddall7
        wenddall7 commented
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        Did it made you feel weird when he told you about that? If I was in your position, I might feel weird the next time we would do it.

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      tummytummy if the guy says something similar to me, I would be mad at him for it. Guess she was lucky to have since you weren't mad at her.


      • boogoow13
        boogoow13 commented
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        You're right about that one. Also it will make me thing that he's thinking of somebody else every time we're going to have sex.

      • justinenicole
        justinenicole commented
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        Why not try and do the same thing to that person in order for you to be able to even out the score. And if you accidentally mention the name of the person that you're imagining, tell him that I'm just doing what you've been doing before.

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      I had an ex who wanted me to peg him for his birthday. When he told me about it, he told me that he already have a strap-on dildo that I'm going to use on him.


      • kendall10
        kendall10 commented
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        So did you peg him for his birthday or not?

      • BossyGal
        BossyGal commented
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        This will be funny if ever my boyfriend requests pegging as one of his birthday wishes and I'll be laughing in bed all the time.

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      This one came from me, One time my boyfriend and I were drunk and doing sex. I was not in senses and ended up saying to him that his penis size is small. It was a secret that I kept to myself always. Fortunately, he did not remember anything the next morning.


      • clenna2
        clenna2 commented
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        But what was his reaction when you were having sex? I'm pretty sure he heard all about it.

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      The guy who took my virginity told me that he only fucks virgins and dumped me right after.


      • ClaireBare
        ClaireBare commented
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        Guess that you didn't know beforehand that he's that type of guy?

      • DraggedOn
        DraggedOn commented
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        Did he tried to explain to you why he only sleeps with virgins?