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  • The Blackout

    Does any of you got blacked out drunk that when you woke up, there's a guy or girl beside you?

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    Not really the type who would get that drunk, so I know whether something happened to us or not


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      There were a few times that happened and most of them were satisfied with my performance


      • WhiskyGypsy
        WhiskyGypsy commented
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        How sure were that they were satisfied?

      • mum201610
        mum201610 commented
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        @WhiskyGypsyI asked them. lol

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      I never experienced this before because I am a light drinker.


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        Never happened to me before and I hope that will not happen to me in the future.


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          Yes, I passed out before and woke up with a beautiful lady standing next to me. I found out that I'm in a hospital and the beautiful lady standing next to me was the nurse who was in charge of checking my condition. lol


          • HeatherS
            HeatherS commented
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            What happened to you that you ended up in the hospital?

          • tummytummy
            tummytummy commented
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            HeatherS As I said, I passed out. How come did you miss that? lol

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          Never passed out in my entire life before because I only drink what I think I can handle.


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            As much as possible, I limit myself from drinking too much. Better be safe than sorry I guess.


            • ClaireBare
              ClaireBare commented
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              How many is your personal limit when it comes to drinks?

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            I never passed out like that.


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              I don't get that drunk if I'm planning to get laid that night. Need to be sure that my dick would be cooperating with me when it's sexy time lol