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  • Idle Time

    What are some of the things that you often do whenever you have some down time at work?

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    I would just listen to podcasts while surfing the net


    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      What are some podcasts that you listen to?

  • #3
    Get a popcorn, sit on my most relaxing chair then watch my favorite series on Netflix.


    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      What is your favorite series?

  • #4
    I would try and ask if I can leave early in order to catch up with some sleep or finish some chores at home


    • DickedTracy
      DickedTracy commented
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      I think what she means is the break in work.

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    Just sit and relax and spend time on my social media accounts.


    • Khaleesi
      Khaleesi commented
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      I also do this when I have time and not that busy with work.

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    Maybe start watching some shows that I like on Youtube.
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    • #7
      Browse the net and read articles and news.


      • #8
        Listen to my favorite music online or if it's allowed, take a nap.


        • ermanw4
          ermanw4 commented
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          What kind of music do you often listen to?

      • #9
        I take that time to sleep. lol


        • imacoolgal
          imacoolgal commented
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          So you sleep in your cubicle or workstation or you find a couch to sleep in?

      • #10
        I usually read stories online if I have idle time at work.


        • Ommarablue
          Ommarablue commented
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          What website do you usually read?

      • #11
        I'll take that time to play my favorite mobile games.


        • ClaireBare
          ClaireBare commented
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          So you are addicted to what game?

      • #12
        Would just go chat with my coworkers that I'm close with


        • reddish97
          reddish97 commented
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          Do you talk about your other coworkers or not?

      • #13
        I just do whatever it is that would make me look that I'm doing something important lol


        • sinksex
          sinksex commented
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          And I'm guessing that you're quite good at it?

      • #14
        I just listen to music while looking for stupid things to buy online


        • voodoofoo
          voodoofoo commented
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          What are the things that you think that count as something stupid?

        • sala67
          sala67 commented
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          voodoofoo maybe it's something that he doesn't really need

      • #15
        I would often check recipes or origami how to videos online