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    From the dawn of the civilization, there have been a number of people who had become famous during their era. Whether they contributed to the betterment of the world or to the destruction of world, they played their own respective roles in this world. If you could choose one person from the past, whom would you date and why did you select that person?

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    I would choose Alexander The Great. I have read that he lead his conquests from his place in Europe up to parts of India. In those conquests, he treated the people well. So I could conclude that he was a nice man. It would be good to date a man with a good heart.


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      I like a person who had a great dream for the betterment of his people even if the world perceived him to be a destroyer of humanity. I am talking about Adolf Hitler. It would be nice to have a date with him while we discuss his plans to dominate the world. lol.


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        Who was the lover of Cleopatra? Was it Marc Anthony? Or whatever his name was. Anyway, I want to date that man so that Cleopatra would get jealous and I would like to see her enraged. It would be so amusing to see someone as Cleopatra break down as hell.


        • TechKilla
          TechKilla commented
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          You do it with Marc Anthony and I would be the one who's going to do it with Cleopatra

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        It would be Jesus. Want to know what his reaction would be if I yelled "Oh My God" while he's fucking me lol
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        • tummytummy
          tummytummy commented
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          He might lecture you if you say that one to him. He might say, "Don't you know the ten commandments? You fucking bitch!"

        • FoxieRoxy
          FoxieRoxy commented
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          Are you thinking that he might get mad at you since you're talking about his dad? lol Starla

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        My choice would be Nikola Tesla so that I can brag that I'm the one who took his virginity


        • breastse3
          breastse3 commented
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          Would that entail that your name be written on the pages of history, too?

        • DickedTracy
          DickedTracy commented
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          breastse3 If they would want to add my name on history then that would be so cool.

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        I would choose Catherine The Great. It would be nice to date a horny queen as long as we would not be caught by the palace.


        • DraggedOn
          DraggedOn commented
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          I was thinking that you're interested to find out if whether she was really that great? lol

        • Noelle
          Noelle commented
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          She was called The Great because she did great things. But she could also be great on the bed as it was rumored that she had some men in her life aside from the king.

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        This is just for fun, right? Then I would choose Adam. I would make sure that I would be impregnated by him. In that way, I would have my own descendants and be called one of the ancient mothers of the world.


        • BossyGal
          BossyGal commented
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          If you do that, Eve might slap you multiple times for messing with her role in the world. But at the same time, Adam would be very happy to have two women beside him.

        • miracleshappen
          miracleshappen commented
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          BossyGal Let Eve get jealous but I won't let myself to be slapped by Eve. If she slapped me, I would slap her too.

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        Since some of the answers were people who were mentioned in the bible, I would love to bang Methuselah when he's around 700-800 years old. For those who don't know who Methuselah is, he's the oldest person who was mentioned in the old testament


        • JuneBug
          JuneBug commented
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          Do you really think that his dick was still functioning at that age?

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        It would be Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. Always had a weird fascination with 50's-60's sex symbols


        • HeatherS
          HeatherS commented
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          I am familiar with Marilyn Monroe but not with Bettie Page. Was Bettie Page the woman with big tits?

        • Slurpee
          Slurpee commented
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          HeatherS she's one of the first pin up models. You know that poster of a woman who has black hair with bangs and wearing a corset? That's her