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  • Me Or Your Friends

    Has any of you been with a person who made you choose between him/her or your friends? If you been in that situation, who did you end up choosing?

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    There were two guys who made me choose between them and I've chosen my friends


    • ejayniel
      ejayniel commented
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      What was their reason why they made you choose?

    • DickedTracy
      DickedTracy commented
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      Starla My friends are invaluable. They are not easy to find while I could easily replace those men.

    • DickedTracy
      DickedTracy commented
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      ejayniel The thing is, I am very close with my friends. I think it was something like jealousy that made them ask me to choose.

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    I've actually chosen a girlfriend before over my friends. Ended up breaking up with her after a month when I caught her cheating


    • mum201610
      mum201610 commented
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      That's the stupid thing about making you choose over who then eventually fucks you up.

    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      What did your friends tell you when they found out that you've ended the relationship with her?

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    It is the other way around. I was the one who asked him to choose if it was me or his friends.


    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      Why would you even make him choose? Isn't that a stupid question? Unless his friends are jerks then I wouldn't be telling you this

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    Yes, he made me choose between my friend and him. I liked him so much so I chose him.


    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      And what happened with your friend? Are you still not friends up to now?

    • PintCream
      PintCream commented
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      I bet you and the guy didn't last long. And the only people you got are your family and friends.

    • sinksex
      sinksex commented
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      Did you end up going to that friend once the guy broke up with you?

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    Huh? Why would a man let me choose over him and my friends? What is the connect? I had never experienced this scenario.


    • LessLee
      LessLee commented
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      Me, too. There is no reason why someone would let me choose. It never happened with me.

    • keyth90
      keyth90 commented
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      Guess the both of you never had partners who were selfish or never got along with your friends?

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    If the person your seeing was the one asking that question, then it's easier to choose him over your friends since your friends can easily take you back once the relationship is over lol


    • miracleshappen
      miracleshappen commented
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      I bet your friends are like that as well, every time they're in a relationship.

    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      So you're not afraid to hear the "I told you so" lecture from your friends? lol

    • HeatherS
      HeatherS commented
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      LOL. Yes, this is possible. You could even ask your friends to play with the game that he wants.

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    If we're talking about not being able to see my friends as long as we're a couple, then I'm going to definitely choose my friends. And if she would ever try to ask me that question, I would let her choose between me and her friends as well just to be fair


    • nnica
      nnica commented
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      Would you be relieved if you asked her the same question and she chooses her friends over you?

    • voodoofoo
      voodoofoo commented
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      What if she wanted you to see them less often?

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    That's a stupid thing to do. Pressuring your partner to choose you or his/her friends? In the end, they all come and go lol!


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      My ex gf let me choose if it were her or my friends. Sometimes I just miss her when I drink with my friends lol

    • bewgrien
      bewgrien commented
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      I agree! It is really stupid. Why would someone ask to choose?

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    Not really made him choose between me and his friends. Just wanted him to see them less often since there have been times that we had to cancel our plans because he needs to hangout with his friends


    • reddish97
      reddish97 commented
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      Does he always end up having a hangover or sick the day after he went out with them?

    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      reddish97 I am not so sure of that. We did not see daily when we were together. But it could be as they went to the bars with his friends.

    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      He prioritized his friends over you? If I guy does that to me, I might be forced to end the relationship if he does that too often

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    Isn't it stupid and immature of your partner to make you choose between them and your friends? That's insecurity at its finest.


    • serrenakern
      serrenakern commented
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      It is not insecurity at its finest; it would be absurdity at its finest.

    • Rizza
      Rizza commented
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      Why are you thinking that it is a sign of insecurity? It hasn't crossed your mind that they just don't get along or both of them (partner and friends) feel that the other person is a bad influence?