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  • Guilty Pleasures

    I think we are going to be confined until the end of May now. But during this time, I confess I have found a certain guilty pleasure which is watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. What's yours?

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    When no one is around in the kitchen, I dance and I sing as well when I'm showering while listening to ABBA's greatest hits.


    • loccaBVNM
      loccaBVNM commented
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      I also do the same as I video myself making a dance challenge lol and also sing when I'm showering.

    • kendall10
      kendall10 commented
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      @occaBVNM I'm also thinking of recording myself but I'm so shy to do it and my choreo is ugly.

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    It would be singing out loud songs by The Carpenters and Adele and pretend that a guy just broke up with me lol.


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      Watching those coming of age teen flicks like The Edge Of Seventeen, Book Smart and The Spectacular Now.


      • keyth90
        keyth90 commented
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        You can also include old movies like Bring it On, Aquamarine and Step Up.

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      Snooping through other people's pictures on Facebook and Instagram and also watching cat videos on youtube.


      • BossyGal
        BossyGal commented
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        Are those other people that you're talking about are your exes and their partners by any chance? LMAO

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      When I'm not doing anything work related, I would go and cyberstalk some of my exes and trying to finish the latest season of Money Heist.


      • DickedTracy
        DickedTracy commented
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        So have you finished watching Money Heist or you've got a couple more episodes left to watch?

      • JuneBug
        JuneBug commented
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        Done watching it and omg I can't wait for the next season.

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      Most of the time I'm just catching up with some of the shows that I missed. Like Barry, Euphoria, Altered Carbon, etc...


      • TaintGotYou
        TaintGotYou commented
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        What are the other shows that you're watching besides the ones that you just mentioned?

      • tummytummy
        tummytummy commented
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        I loved the show Altered Carbon as well. Would love to be able to transfer our consciousness into an entirely different body.

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      Taking countless selfies until I get a perfect picture and I do it anywhere in the house.


      • Starla
        Starla commented
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        How many selfies do you usually take before you end up having the pic that you really like?

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      I would just play video games with my friends or watch some anime that I've been putting of for the past few months.


      • Remman
        Remman commented
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        What kind of video games do you often play? Are they first person shooters or sports related ones?

      • LessLee
        LessLee commented
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        any good anime recommendations?

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      I'm watching Alien Movies starting from the Predator, Men In Black, Prometheus and so on. My favorite so far is Aliens and War of the Worlds.


      • paupau11
        paupau11 commented
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        Well in my case, I'm watching monster movies but I'm certain they are aliens too like Godzilla.

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      I'm reading a very common adult novel which is Fifty Shades of Grey.


      • bewgrien
        bewgrien commented
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        Are you also planning to watch the movie adaptation afterwards?

      • Ommarablue
        Ommarablue commented
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        I'm also reading romantic novels now and I'm almost done with the fault in our stars. The next one I'll read will be the hating game.

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      Eating a large tub of ice cream and bar of chocolate while listening to Rnb and Pop.


      • ermanw4
        ermanw4 commented
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        Who are some of your favorite R&B singers and your favorite ice cream flavor as well?

      • Rizza
        Rizza commented
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        Got tons of favorite artists but I always stick to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

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      Fantasizing in my bed thinking of what I'm going to do with my life If I'm rich and doing all the fun things in the world with my crush.


      • Charanne
        Charanne commented
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        So where are you exactly going to live if you're filthy rich? Would it be in New York or it would be at a private island that you own in the Bahamas or any tropical country near the equator?

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      Baking cupcakes and experiment recipes for my specialty. I just need someone to taste it lol and I also like making tarts.


      • imacoolgal
        imacoolgal commented
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        Now I'm craving for cupcakes and I only have nutella at home.

      • westongreen
        westongreen commented
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        And how many kinds of tarts and baked goods have you made so far? Maybe you can share to us some of your recipes for your cupcakes.

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      I have quiet a lot of guilty pleasures these days and one of them is ice cream. Like ice cream for almost everyday, I don't know though, it lighten up my mood.