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  • Worst Event That You've Attended

    Most of us have attended on events that didn't go on as planned. What are some of the worst ones that you've been in before? Mine was the wedding of my cousin where my aunt (mom of the groom) made a scene and told everyone in attendance that she always preferred the ex of the groom and that she thinks that the one that bride was a gold digger.

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    It was my graduation in college. We did it on an open field and the rain poured hard once the speech of the commencement speaker was finished lol.


    • ejayniel
      ejayniel commented
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      Guess that mother nature was just waiting for the speaker to finish before deciding to ruin your day lmao.

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    Christmas at my aunt's house. We had our dinners four hours late and I was starving. The bad/sad part is the gift that I received was only a pair of socks.


    • boogoow13
      boogoow13 commented
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      Glad you receive something on Christmas day unlike me who did not receive any gift last year.

    • Charanne
      Charanne commented
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      Were you still a child when that happened? Because if you're an adult already, that can count as a great gift for most adults.

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    It was during a funeral of the dad of my friend. The first wife of his dad suddenly arrived and made a scene and even wanted to do a eulogy.


    • leahsneak
      leahsneak commented
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      What was the reason why she decided to show up all of a sudden?

    • tummytummy
      tummytummy commented
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      Maybe she wants to be known in the family since she is a part of his life leahsneak.

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    It was during senior prom. Some of batchmates were planning to do a Carrie on the prom queen. If don't know what I'm talking about it was an old tv movie in where some of the students decided to pour some red paint (I think) on the main character. The plan backfired since they fell from the rafters and broke their arms and legs because of it. I've included a photo of the movie that I'm talking about if you're still clueless as to what it is.


    • westongreen
      westongreen commented
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      Did the prom queen ended up being covered with red paint? And what happened to the students who fell from the rafters? Where they expelled because of that failed prank or not?

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    It was the wedding of my cousin. In the middle of the ceremony the ex of the woman that my cousin was marrying suddenly shows up and tells her that he still loves and that the guy she was about to marry (my cousin) was gay. My cousin and some of the groomsmen approached the guy and beat the shit out of him and have him thrown out of the church.


    • clenna2
      clenna2 commented
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      I think it wasn't that bad but more of a funny moment that you are not expecting to happen anytime.

    • wendy
      wendy commented
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      clenna2 yes what happened was kinda funny but I think that totally killed the mood of the event that's why she thought that's the worse wedding that she attended.

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    It was an event on the Foreign Exchange Market seminar and I ended up sleeping the entire time and my friend even takes a photo of me and it was embarrassing.


    • ermanw4
      ermanw4 commented
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      At least it wasn't an event seminar for multilevel marketing and I hate if I'm invited to it.

    • Remman
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      Was thinking that you've slept with all of the guys who attended the seminar lmao.

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    • pauline
      pauline commented
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      Did the event continue when it rained? Bad weather really makes a difference.

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    It was the Halloween party coz I hate it when I was a child. It's spooky and makes me shiver especially if I saw a werewolf that's why I'm not into hairy guys lol.


    • sala67
      sala67 commented
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      Maybe you have trichophobia which is a fear for hairs. You should always bring a razor with you so you can shave them clean.

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    A house party because I was so drunk early and miss other activities. I was dead sleep on the couch with them making fun of me. My friend covered my face with a jacket but I puke on it.


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      Did you have a drink first before going to the party? That's a bad idea if you easily get drunk.

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    It was a speed dating event and didn't know that all of them are single moms. I have no clue because my friend invited me to join the event.


    • emmander45
      emmander45 commented
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      Did all of the ladies on that speed date mentioned about their kids that's why you found out that all of them were single moms?

    • boredme
      boredme commented
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      That friend of yours was a real dick since he didn't tell you beforehand that the ladies at the event were single moms.