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  • Nothing Shocking

    What are some of your guilty pleasures that would truly shock your friends? This can be sex-related or not. Mine would be listening to heavy metal bands in order to calm myself.

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    I would often go on long drives headed like driving around the city or going to places that I've never been to before.


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      I think of a scenario play out in my head and I act it out in front of the mirror. I also put in my costumes when I have one.


      • reddish97
        reddish97 commented
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        Was it a play on a movie or do you invent the scenario that you are going to act?

      • dwf2017
        dwf2017 commented
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        reddish97 It's not really a scenario on the movie and I do an original script that I will play out and yes I invent my act.

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      I enjoy a good soak especially with perfumed bath bombs and scented candles while listening to opera music.


      • tummytummy
        tummytummy commented
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        How long do you stay in the tub when you're in the mood for that sort of thing? Does it last more than an hour?

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      Since most of my friends don't know how horny I can get. It would be being fucked until my pussy is sore.


      • Charanne
        Charanne commented
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        Are you sure that none of your friends know about that one? There might be some of them who knew about it because you might have accidentally told them about it.

      • kasnier4
        kasnier4 commented
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        I bet you have a large dildo that you often use that's why your pussy is always sore.

      • leahsneak
        leahsneak commented
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        Charanne but they don't believe me every time I tell them about this lol. kasnier4 yes, and I have them in different sizes lol.

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      That I enjoy reading young adult books like the Divergent series, Mortal Engine, etc...


      • imacoolgal
        imacoolgal commented
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        How about the movie adaptation of the books? Are you fan of them as well or not?

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      I'm a huge sucker for coming of age movies and romantic comedies. I often end up watching The Breakfast Club if I ever see that movie while channel surfing or looking for a movie to watch.


      • Rizza
        Rizza commented
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        Do you have an idea how many times you've watched that movie? Do you think that it has reached a hundred times already?

      • sinksex
        sinksex commented
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        Rizza I don't have an idea and it doesn't reach a hundred maybe it's been 40 times that I watch it and never get sick of it.

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      Actually the people that I just met tend to be shocked on how I make fun or bully some of my old friends. Also I tend to have a dark sense of humor.


      • bewgrien
        bewgrien commented
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        Guess you often joke about death, murder or morbid stuff which makes your friends think that there might be something wrong with you? lol

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      That I have Adele, The Carpenters and the Spice Girls in my music playlist. That's the main reason why I don't let my friends check my playlist lol.


      • separated2010
        separated2010 commented
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        I think that's fine rather than having Rihanna and Beyonce at your playlist.

    • #10
      Trying some stupid bed exercises that I've found on the internet and do it after finishing one episode of Lucifer.


      • yani13
        yani13 commented
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        What kind of bed exercises are you talking about here? Is this the one that needs to have another person with?

      • eritta6
        eritta6 commented
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        Why would you try that exercise if you consider it as something stupid?

      • AvaHHH
        AvaHHH commented
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        justinenicole lol, I guess you're right eritta6 well because it looks so easy to execute rather than going to the gym and it seems promising with a good result.

    • #11
      Listening to Heavy Metal Bands and singing the songs while I play them. I also do air guitar as I rock in my room like Marco Hietala.


      • westongreen
        westongreen commented
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        Can you also play the real guitar? Or is there an instrument that you can play?

    • #12
      Nail polishing and doing nail arts. I spend time looking at videos on how to do it and follow along with the demonstration.


      • pauline
        pauline commented
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        Such a girlie thing to do but I'd rather do my hair than do my nails.

      • shouty
        shouty commented
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        I just hope that you're actually good at it already or else it would be a waste of your time lol.

    • #13
      Not following my diet and throwing my salad away. I'm gaining weight and I keep on eating since I'm all alone and no one has to know.


      • paupau11
        paupau11 commented
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        What kind of diet are you following and do you only show your diet in front of your friends?

      • bugcow
        bugcow commented
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        Why not ask them to not include the salad when you eat since it would be such a waste if you just throw it away.

      • wenddall7
        wenddall7 commented
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        Are you stressed out at the moment that's why you've been eating non-stop and gaining weight again?

    • #14
      I used to be a cheerleader so it would be wearing my cheerleading uniform while watching Bring It On lol.


      • loccaBVNM
        loccaBVNM commented
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        Do you try and do the routines and cheers as well while you're watching that movie? lmao

    • #15
      I often watch the same movies when I feel that there is nothing interesting to watch. I think I've watched the movie Se7en and Lost In Translation more than ten times each.


      • mum201610
        mum201610 commented
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        Are there other movies that you've seen more than ten times besides the ones that you've mentioned?