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Quarantine Shower Thoughts

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  • Quarantine Shower Thoughts

    What were some of the most recent shower thoughts that you had while being stuck at home? Mine was wondering what are strippers/ erotic dancers doing at the moment since strip bars have been closed for a few weeks already.

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    Just read this online. Good looking people with terrible personalities are basically real life click baits.


    • Ommarablue
      Ommarablue commented
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      Good one, I kinda imagined those fake thumbnails in videos which are click baits and I imagine them to be one.

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    I am just thinking when is this going to be over and if we haven't had a COVID19 virus now what will I be doing instead of staying at home.


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      I'm thinking about what my friends are up to and I was thinking of all the fun memories that we had and if we can still repeat it.


      • loofabb
        loofabb commented
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        At least you are reminiscing on the fun memories you had and that really the effect of getting lockdown at the moment.

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      There might be millions of people who has tried to contact their exes again and asking them for closure or something.


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        I've been thinking of this ever since I can remember. I wonder if our pets have a name for us.


        • eritta6
          eritta6 commented
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          Maybe we do have a name and think of they must be wondering why we change changing our appearance cos we wear different clothes each day.

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        They might have been doing online shows so that they can still earn while being at home.


        • boogoow13
          boogoow13 commented
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          I think it not only the strippers who has been doing online shows. I've read somewhere that there was an increase when it comes to women doing camshows and starting Only Fans accounts.

        • loccaBVNM
          loccaBVNM commented
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          boogoow13 Yeah you're right I also heard that too.

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        I wonder if Bill Gates has thrown out a laptop because it suddenly froze and showed the blue screen of death lol.


        • dvrcd13
          dvrcd13 commented
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          You should include if he complained that Windows has a ton of bugs and errors.

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        I saw this a couple of days ago while I was surfing. If you ran at 11 pm you are considered as a night person. If you ran at 5 in the morning, you're a morning person. But if you ran at 3 in the morning you are considered as a suspicious person.


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          I am not actually the type who is thinking or have shower thoughts and I just listen to music while taking a shower.


          • shouty
            shouty commented
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            You can still have some shower thoughts even though you are busy listening to music and something will pop out of your mind.

          • kendall10
            kendall10 commented
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            What kind of songs do you often listen to? I bet that you sing along with some of the songs that you're listening.

          • TechKilla
            TechKilla commented
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            shouty I more like it when I am lost to the music without any thoughts its like my way of resting my mind from reality kendall10 yes, I do sing along lol

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          Our pets probably see us as chameleons or shapeshifters since we wear different clothes of different sizes and colors every day. I was thinking of the dog's perspective if it ever saw a human feeding them.


          • pauline
            pauline commented
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            It sounds like we are just like Mystique from X-men and Martian Manhunter when they think that we can shapeshift lol.

          • ermanw4
            ermanw4 commented
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            pauline yeah like we look so cool in the eyes of our pets lol.

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          I have the thoughts that people who stop you in public to try and sell you something are like pop up ads. I really hate those peoples.


          • sinksex
            sinksex commented
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            And you can also include those people who invite you out to do networking.

          • Lara2l
            Lara2l commented
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            You might be somewhat right about that one. Does it mean that hookers are the equivalent of the meet hot girls in your area pop up ad?

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          Have read this one online due to corona virus we're in health, economic, and mental health disaster because of something the naked eye can't even see.


          • TaintGotYou
            TaintGotYou commented
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            That is so true and people are all afraid to go out because of something that is invisible and deadly.

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          Is a pinata considered broken if you can't break it?


          • kasnier4
            kasnier4 commented
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            I think the person who's hitting the pinata is weak if they can't break it lol.

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          If practice makes perfect, why is waking up in the morning has always been difficult?


          • hbhvr56
            hbhvr56 commented
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            Maybe it is because you hate your job? lmao

          • WillowPillow
            WillowPillow commented
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            Maybe you're practicing your dreams to be perfect that's why you keep on sleeping lol.

          • separated2010
            separated2010 commented
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            hbhvr56 oh yess, been thinking to leave this job for a year now guess this is the sign? lol WillowPillow yes, my dreams, everything seems perfect with my eyes closed.