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  • Invasion Of Privacy

    I'm quite sure that most of us have at least done this once so I just wanted to know what was the strangest photo or video that you accidentally saw while snooping the phone of your friend or partner? Mine was a video of my friend (male) masturbating.

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    Not on his phone but laptop. An old ex still has pictures of him and her exes hidden in his laptop. Good thing I was able to keep my cool that day or else I might have thrown his laptop out of the window because of it.


    • paupau11
      paupau11 commented
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      Did you confront him about it or you kept it to yourself since asking him about those photos will turn into a bigger argument?

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    I opened his gallery and found different pictures of naked girls. I asked him about it which ended our relationship shortly.


    • wendy
      wendy commented
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      Are those naked girls the one that he hooked up with or are they just a bunch of pornstars or something that is leaked on the internet?

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    She was making me watch some funny videos on her tablet and I accidentally swiped to a video of her and her boyfriend doing it.


    • wenddall7
      wenddall7 commented
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      I'm guessing that there was another video that she wants you to watch and you swiped at the wrong direction?

    • Lara2l
      Lara2l commented
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      Did she know that you've accidentally watched their sex video?

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    I have this friend who was a real tough guy and works as a bouncer at a club. I once borrowed his phone so that I can call my boyfriend to tell him where I was. Once I ended the call the video that he was watching played immediately. I would understand if the video that I saw was porn or something raunchy but he was watching The Golden Girls.


    • boogoow13
      boogoow13 commented
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      Did you asked him why he was watching that show? For all we know, he might be a Betty White fan that's why he's watching it.

    • loccaBVNM
      loccaBVNM commented
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      boogoow13 No, I just say thanks to him after that.

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    I haven't actually checked on the phones of my exes. I trust them enough that they're not hiding anything from me since I'm not hiding anything from them.


    • separated2010
      separated2010 commented
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      Guess the guys that you've been with who had secrets on their phones or computers were lucky to have you as their girlfriend.

    • pauline
      pauline commented
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      You might get that assumption but you will never know that's why we are always tempted to snoop at their phones.

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    Did you ask him why he took a video of himself jacking off? Also did he got mad at you when you saw that video?


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      I think the only weird photo that I saw was a Twilight fan art. I believe my girl is not keeping pictures of dicks.


      • nericcaw3
        nericcaw3 commented
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        Did she draw that Twilight fan art or it was something she got online?

      • TechKilla
        TechKilla commented
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        She only got it online.

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      I saw a selfie photo of her and she was topless but she is covering her tits. I didn't actually care but told her to never send it to anyone besides me.


      • eritta6
        eritta6 commented
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        Many women actually do it in front of the mirror, I don't know why and I see them as a narcissist for loving their body so much.

      • ermanw4
        ermanw4 commented
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        eritta6 in my opinion they deserve it because they work hard in achieving that body lol.

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      I saw a picture of a big black cock on the phone of my gay friend. I keep on laughing when I saw it and ask him if it's the cock that got inside him and told me yes and I happen to drop his phone.


      • sinksex
        sinksex commented
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        Was it true that he was fuck by a black guy? It must be so long since it's black lol.

      • dwf2017
        dwf2017 commented
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        Are you sure that you just laugh at the pic and wasn't turned on by it?

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      Actually, I've found out that he was messaging girls about sexual things and he's sending pictures and potentially meeting up during the time I was away. We've been together five years now and that was a minor speed bump in our relationship.


      • kendall10
        kendall10 commented
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        Do you really think that it was only a minor bump and not a huge one? Just curious about since for me that is a big problem already that might lead into the two of us breaking up.

      • breastse3
        breastse3 commented
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        Was he mad at you when he found out that you checked his phone behind his back?

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      I can't find anything on the boyfriend's phone and it's all clean maybe he did a backup file on them and I don't know if he's hiding something and all I can is he loves following girls on Instagram.


      • mum201610
        mum201610 commented
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        He must have hidden it on his flash drives. Don't assume it cos a guy told you and I do have some of my dirty photos in my flash drives.

      • clenna2
        clenna2 commented
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        Do you get mad at him if he keeps on liking the sexy pics of the girls that he follows?

      • Ommarablue
        Ommarablue commented
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        mum201610 really, wow, thanks for the advice, lol. clenna2 I do get mad of course and been telling him about it for a couple of times.

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      I once snoop on my friend's phone and accidentally saw a picture of her doing a selfie while shitting in the toilet. It was funny but I never told her about that photo.


      • TaintGotYou
        TaintGotYou commented
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        How did you know that she was shitting in the toilet and not peeing? Have you seen her shit that made you think that she's taking a dump?

      • kasnier4
        kasnier4 commented
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        Are you sure that she was taking a shit and not just pissing?

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      Mine was accidentally seeing the browser history of my dad. I was forced to used his computer before since I forgot to bring my laptop adapter.


      • westongreen
        westongreen commented
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        Was he visiting tons of pornsites or just checking out weird shit?

      • serrenakern
        serrenakern commented
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        westongreen there's a huge chance that she saw a couple of pornsites on her dads browser history.

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      It was my friend's iPod which he left in the bathroom and I picked it up and looked through it. I found some porn on his completely unprotected iPod and I suppose you could say it as gay porn too because they all had a penis. Either way, I was never able to look at my friend the same way again.


      • TechKilla
        TechKilla commented
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        I'm guessing he doesn't come yet since you're shocked to find gay porn in his iPod.

      • WillowPillow
        WillowPillow commented
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        yes, I am clueless about that side of him, but anyways I have no issues about that.