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    Given that we have this crisis in our world right now so I won't do it. It is not safe to travel these days so I'd rather flirt with guys near me rather than looking for someone who is miles away.


    • Slurpee
      Slurpee commented
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      Yes and as far as we know, there's no exact date for all of this to be over.

    • WhiskyGypsy
      WhiskyGypsy commented
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      I am totally with you on this one Remman

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    If I have money for the ticket then I'll go for it, lol.


    • TechKilla
      TechKilla commented
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      If the guy gives you money for the trip and other expenses, will you be willing to do it?

    • boredme
      boredme commented
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      Ommarablue only for the ticket? how about your pocket money in case of emergency or in case the guy dumps you in a foreign land?

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    If the guy would help me in financial expenses for the trip then I will be willing to do it. It seems fun to go and see other places and learn their cultures.


    • voodoofoo
      voodoofoo commented
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      What if the guy tells you that he is more than glad to help you financially but cannot send money but he will just pay you when you arrive at his place, will you do it?

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    If I love the person then why not.


    • bugcow
      bugcow commented
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      Can you really say that you love the person even if you haven't meet him personally yet?

    • loofabb
      loofabb commented
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      Yeah, I don't think you have to meet someone personally to establish a real connection. bugcow

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    Why look for someone miles and miles away from me when there are lots of hot girls in my town as well as in the neighboring towns lol.


    • separated2010
      separated2010 commented
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      Heeey, so would you like to meet up? NY by the way