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  • Well That Was Fun

    Was there something that you're not willing to try before, but once you've tried it made you think that it was a good thing that you've tried it after all

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    Sex. Never enjoyed it before because the guy that I lost my virginity too was really bad at it. Learned to enjoy it when I had my first one night stand


    • JuneBug
      JuneBug commented
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      If I were you, you should try to stick with your one night stand partner.

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    Going out for jogs during the weekend. Not really a fan of trying to stay fit because of my fast metabolism. But when I started doing them, made me feel good because of the natural high that you're getting from it


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      Giving oral sex, at first I find it unappetizing but when I got used to it, I realized that I'm enjoying it.


      • Khaleesi
        Khaleesi commented
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        When I was a virgin, I found giving oral gross and disgusting.

      • DarthKram
        DarthKram commented
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        So when was the last time you've sucked some cock?

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      At first, I thought I will never like anal sex but look now, I really love it.


      • Remman
        Remman commented
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        Same thoughts here, I find it gross at first but after trying it, I love it.

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      Exercising, not because I don't like it but because I was lazy but when I began to get fat, I started hitting the gym and look at me now, from chubby to sexy.


      • loofabb
        loofabb commented
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        I guess we are the same when it comes to that.

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      I thought that I will never like the taste of beer but when I tried it, it was really good.


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        There was a time in my life that I thought I will never like working out.


        • ClaireBare
          ClaireBare commented
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          What made you decide that you need to work out?

        • mum201610
          mum201610 commented
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          ClaireBare I'm not really sure, dear. For my personal growth, I guess.

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        I never tried anything in my life that I actually like.


        • sala67
          sala67 commented
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          Lol! That's impossible, sweetie.

        • WhiskyGypsy
          WhiskyGypsy commented
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          Are you sure about that? Because it might also mean that you didn't enjoy sex

      • #10
        Trying vegan food. Was a vegan for a few months but decided to eat meat again since I missed eating bacon. I still have days that I only eat vegan food


        • #11
          Before I don't want to watch Game of throne but, once I finish the first season, I got excited to watch the next season. And, now I'm waiting for the release of Season 8.